inform me.. please?

i have a lot of cm.. it's very thick and lotiony.. my breasts are sore too.. buts its only been about 4 days past ovulation. i dont have any bloating or cramps.. this morning i was feeling hot, and now im cold.. does that have anything to do with pregnancy? i dunno.. i klnow that i have to wait.. but theres no harm in asking questions right??


waterlily whats wrong with you? maybe ur jealouse because i have a man to have a baby with. its unnatural to not want to have any kids...

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    Those all COULD be symptoms, but then again you could just have the flu! You won't really know until you take a pregnancy test, either the urine on the stick type, or blood test at the doctor's office. Those sorts of symptoms don't usually show up so quickly though, if you are only 4 days past ovulation, I think it's probably mostly you anticipating and worrying your little head off about weather you are pregnant or not. Relax, and just wait.

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    The hot/cold thing probably doesn't have anything to do with pregnancy. Sore breasts can be a sign, but at 4 DPO you still have a while before you can test. I had thick, lotiony CM with my son in early pg too but it started right before my period was due.

    No, there isn't any harm in asking. Trying to conceive can make you a basket case- I know! Hang in there!

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    This is possible but is early yet. I would wait to take a pregnancy test. Maybe take a First Response pregnancy test in a couple of weeks. Then, I would go to see your doctor or OB-gyn for follow up even if the test says negative. There are false negatives.

  • Jess H
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    You won't have any pregnancy symptoms only 4 days after ovulation. It takes approx 8 days for a fertilized egg to implant, and you wouldn't have any symptoms before that.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No don't go get a pregnancy test it sounds to early wait and see my doctor said you can get symptoms as soon as implantation accurs! get a blood test next week if you like! or wait 10-14 days for a pee test! good luck!

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    your best bet is to go get a first response pregnancy test and find out for sure. It may just be nerves but how knows just take the test it will reassure you

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    if you feel pregnant more than likely you are. women know their bodies and if something feels different you know it. sore breast is usually the first sign. don't be scared you'll drive yourself nuts. just relax until it's time to take the test.

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    get a first response pregnancy test it detects pregnancy 5 days b4 your missed period! ; ) God bless

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes your right, there's no harm in asking question.

    I tell you what, there's no harm in getting a preg test too.

    It's fast and accurate.

    and will clear your mind, if your pregnant or not.


  • 1 decade ago

    Of course it may have something to do with you being pregnant. You know your body. If it is possible that you could be pregnant, then your body will confirm whether or not it is true.

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