How to get a job when you're not part of the "union"???

I want to work at the local hospital, but there's a union making getting the job there almost impossible. I went to an interview, they all liked me, I had the right requirements....a few days later I call to see when I can start and she informs me that the union doesn't think they should hire anyone outside and closes the position. How can this happen and how can I get around it?

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    1 decade ago
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    About the only thing you can do is join the Union. Perhaps you can agree to join the union if you get the job. The way it sounds, the hospital is required by the contract to promote from within before going outside. You may have to take an entry level position to get in the door.

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    Get a Lawyer and file a "Right to Work" lawsuit.

    You didnt say what state you are in. In some states you do not have to "Join" the union but you do have to pay dues which are a form of legalized "Extortion".

    In any case you can direct where your dues are not to be used (such as Political Campains) by Federal Law.

    Too bad the Union decided the way it did, many well qualified people do not get hired because unions decide to protect their unqualified workers. They tend to bring the standards down to the lowest common denominator and we end up with "Less Unionized Labor" because businesses cannot afford to have more incompetent workers ruining the quality of their products.

    Just think General Motors or Ford, with massive Layoffs, and Huge retirement debt. Its a wonder they havent declared bankruptcy. (Or Unionized their Managment)

    Oh Yea, Good Luck With That.

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    Sounds to me like the old union copout. Where they getting the people they need when somone retires,moves on or just plain gets tired of it and quits? Not being in a union has nothing to do with it. If they want you and have an opening they will hire you and you'll join the union laterok. If they didn't like you then they come up with the union excuse bull.

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    1 decade ago

    Join the union.

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    Join the union. Dues usually aren't that much and sometimes they're tax deductible. Even so, you'll probably get better pay because of the union.

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    It depends on the union. Some will allow apprenticeships. Go talk to the shop steward and find out how to join.

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    Join the union. If it's a good one, you'll be happy you did once you need them.

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