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Does anyone know who by the name of Frank wore steelers jersey number 35 in the past?

I found an article of clothing that was signed by atleast 5 steelers. Louis Lipps, Ted Peterson, Robin Coles and then there is a name I cannot make out. Each player signed their name and the number they wore. This person wore number 35. I tried making out the name and to me it looks Like Frank Colb. I cannot find anything on the internet about this player or the number. Can anyone help?

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    All the players on the Steelers that ever wore #35:

    Dan Kreider (00-05), Carlos King (98), Fred McAfee (94), Delton Hall (87-91), Ray Williams (87r), Jack Deloplaine (76-79), Steve Davis (72-74), Booth Lusteg (68), Tom Watkins (68), John Henry Johnson (60-65), Rudy Hayes (59), Paul Younger (58), Dick Young (57), Charles Shepard (56), Sam Pino (56),

    Tom Calvin (52, 54-55), Joe Geri (49-51), Bill Dudley (42), John Schiehl (42), Walt Kiesling (37), Ed Karp (36), John "Blood" McNally (34)

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    Franco Harris was Number 32. Dan Kreider is Number 35. Maybe it is a 32 not a 35.

    Source(s): Steelers fan since Terry Bradshaw.
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