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What is the PIA's fleet detail ?

Pakistan International Airline detail

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    The Pakistan International Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft (at March 2005):

    7 Airbus A300B4

    12 Airbus A310-300

    7 Boeing 737-300

    3 Boeing 747-200

    6 Boeing 747-300

    3 Boeing 777-200-ER

    2 Boeing 777-200-LR (On order)

    3 Boeing 777-300-ER (On order)

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    PIA's fleet of modern aircraft are spacious, comfortable, and designed to get you to your destination safely. PIA operates a range of advanced aircraft, ranging from the world's preferred Boeing 777 airplane to the super-quiet Airbus A-310.

    PIA's fleet includes:

    Boeing 777-240LR and Boeing 777-24ER

    The Boeing 777 family comprises of long-range, wide-body airplanes with twin-engines built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The 777 is the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely on a computer. The Boeing 777 cabin is well-loved by seasoned travelers for its spaciousness and comfort.

    Boeing 747-300 and Boeing 747-200 (Combi)

    The Boeing 747, often referred to as a Jumbo Jet, is amongst the world's most iconic and recognizable jet airplanes. Produced by Boeing's Commercial Airplane division, the 4 engine airplane uses a two-deck configuration. The 747 typically offers a layout accommodating between 400 to 450 passengers, depending on the configuration.

    Boeing 737-300

    The Boeing 737 is arguably the world's favorite narrow-body jet airplane. Amongst its many credits, it has the distinction of being the most ordered and produced commercial airplane of all time and Boeing continues to manufacture it, to date. Given the number of 737s in active use, it is estimated that on average, one Boeing 737 takes off every 5 seconds, somewhere in the world.

    Airbus A-310

    The Airbus A-310, a medium to long range wide-body airplane is derived from the Airbus A-300 and is manufactured by Airbus Industries. The A-310s are medium capacity long range aircraft, mostly for our european routes, offering comfortable seating.

    Fokker F-27-200/400

    The Fokker F-27 Friendship is a turboprop airplane, designed and built by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer, Fokker. The Fokker features a high-wing twin Rolls-Royce Dart engined layout with a pressurized cabin for a small number of passengers.

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