what is the difference b/w electrical and electronics?

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    Electricity and electronics have a lot in common. Here is my understanding of how they differ.

    Electric controls have a mechanical moving part, and electronic controls do not. Electric and electronic switches, in particular, have this clear distinction. (Electric and electronic circuits always have some form of control, even if it's manually twisting two wires together). Potentiometers, gang capacitors, and relays are electric. Transistors, vacuum tubes, and SCRs are electronic. Passive components, like resistors and capacitors, can be used in either electric or electronic circuits.

    Electric circuits all have switch or push-button controls. Electronic circuits may include an electric switch, but they also have at least one electronic switch. Some electronics, like computers, have millions of electronic switches.

    In common usage, electric circuits refer to power distribution systems, house wiring, motor controls, and pre-1970 automobile wiring. Electronic circuits include radios, televisions, computers, and the like.

    In case you are the same person that was asking about the difference between Electrical and Electronic Engineers, they both receive pretty much the same instruction in the basics of electricity and electronics. They have a different focus only at higher levels of specialization.

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    electrical systems is the science which cover all subjects that deal with current flow due to voltage difference at any level. while electronics deals only with systems that utilize semiconducting materials like germanium and silicon which can't be used for high voltage level application,

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    If any appliance or circuit has semi-conductor based technology, it falls under electronics. It could have transistors, diodes, etc.

    Every thing else that uses electicity falls under electrical.

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    it's all electrical, and what was it called before transistors and diodes? We used vacuum inclosed emitters. You can call him John or johnny, or jack for that matter, it's still electrical and he will still answer1

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