Edit (expand) the ".pf" picture(thousands of pictures) via Matlab program?

Hello Everyone,

I need a MATLAB program to edit the picture. The filetype of the picture is ".pf". I need the solution only in MATLAB program. I have thousands of pictures in the below formate. All the pictures should be converted into normal picture.The half of the picture has to be expanded. You can see the outline example of the picture.

I think someone of you can help me.

with thanks and regards


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  • Curly
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    According to [1] your file is one of the following:

    - alladin compressed archive, in which case unzip it and look at pics

    - not a filetype

    Consider unarchiving them and then stating their actual filetype.

    THEN they can be manipulated by matlab.

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