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Propose a Reasonable System?

My supervisor ask me to propose "Resonable System" for the company? But I don't know what is the meaning of Resonable system. (I am a clerk) What is the scrope of this system? How many stages of this system? And what is the purpose of this system?

I already ask my supervisor, she only told me it relate to company system. Now she go for trip, she expect me can search some information from web-site or other. I already tried, but nothing can find.

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    From what you described, it is really hard to know if the system is computer related, a process related or ??

    If your supervisor wanted you to search a reasonable computer system, then she meant a reasonable price system. It would be hard for you to determine reasonable in this case if she did not provide a budget.

    If your supervisor wanted you to establish a reasonable system that is process related, the it would be something that will fit your daily job, not to complicated yet get the job done. Take for instance, since your are a clerk, maybe she is refering to filing system. In that case, you might establish the structure of filing, the way of indexing, the location of files, the frequency of updating the files, the access control to the file system....etc.

    Hope this help.

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