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Does anyone know about UC Davis?

Do they have good business/ biomedical/ biochemistry major???


I want to have a "pre-med-ish"major, such as biomedicine/ biochemistry, and biology; and a business-ish minor, such as entrepreneurship

Update 2:

I'm from Ohio.

I just want to go to California.

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    UC Davis is well known for its biomedical/ biochemistry major. I have a friend majoring in biomedical at UC Davis. He told me that he has very knowledgeable and accommodating professors. On the other hand, UC Davis also features state of the art labs.UC Davis isn't well known for business. If you are considering majoring in business, come to UC Berkeley (Haas School of Business). UC Berkeley has a very good business program. It provides you with the foundations to success in today's business environment.

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    By the way, if you prefer to stay in Southern California, you can consider USC. USC is rather famous for their business (Marshall School of Business). Nevertheless, USC is pretty selective with applicants applying to Marshall. Just curious, are you from TAS?

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    That is a tough decision. I guess you best option will be USC, cause USC offers both a strong entrepreneurship major and pre-med curriculum.

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    Actually, UC Davis doesn't even offer undergrad business program.

    2006-09-26 05:31:19 補充:

    UC does offer managerial economics, but I don't think is a good alternative major for you. To be precise, managerial economics is equivalent to "economics." and it is similar to each other.

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    You still take the same foundation courses (Microecon, Macroecon, etc). It is only a word game that the university is playing. Trust me; it is the same as economics. I am a senior at Berkeley, and I took numerous economics courses

    Source(s): Me- currently a student at UC Berkeley (Haas)
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    If you prefer the southern of CA, UCLA(Anderson School) may be a good choice. Also, UCLA owns a respected biomedical/biological programs.

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  • I'm born in Ohio :)

    And I'm now studting in Sacramento...

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    Yes, UC Davis has very good program in business and biochemistry/biomedical.

    For 11 consecutive years, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management has been ranked among the top business schools in the nation by U.S.News & World Report.

    The management school has been ranked in the top 50 every year since 1996.


    According to Gourman Report ranking for undergraduate biochemistry, UC Davis

    ranked at 14th, after Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Wisconsin, Yale, UCLA, Cornell,

    UC San Diego, U Chicago, U Illinois, Columbia, U Michigan, U Penn. in 2005.

    Here you can find the ranking of the top ranked graduate schools:

    Please note that the ranking of graduate programs and undergraduate programs are

    different. Which one do you need?

    2006-09-26 05:01:18 補充:

    UC Davis has a Managerial Economics major which might suit you. "The managerial economics major at UC Davis goes beyond the limits of traditional economics and business majors, blending a thorough grounding in economic theory with business knowledge and applications. "

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