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Cost of living in Cuba, Housing, utilty, food, etc. Annual income?

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    Cuba has two economies, one in pesos (peso cubano or national peso) and one in convertible pesos (Peso cubano convertible or tourist dollars).

    There are separate currencies, as well as shops, restaurants, buses, taxi's etc.

    Some items like, milk, sugar, soap are available in peso stores but amounts that people can purchase are limited. Staple goods are rationed (or at least used to be not 100% sure that this is still the practice) on a monthly basis. Things from these stores are very cheap, but quality is generally poor and quantities are limited, not just by rationing either. It's common for stores to run out of things.

    If you have access to hard foreign currency you can purchase things in the "dollar stores" that are part of the second economy. The cost of these things is about what you can expect to pay here, perhaps a little cheaper but for most Cubans these stores are priced well beyond what they could afford.

    As an example, at a bar you as a gringo would pay a peso (convertable peso = aprox. $1.08 USD) for a beer while the Cuban would pay a peso ( national peso = aprox. $0.04 USD ). You would not be able to by the beer for a peso because you are not part of the peso economy. Unless you look, Latin and speak great Spanish, no person is going to take from you or give to you Cuban Pesos you will be forced to use the Tourist Dollars.

    So.... the cost of living for a Cuban is very low, for a tourist it's high.

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    Cost Of Living In Cuba

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    Cost of living in Cuba, Housing, utilty, food, etc. Annual income?

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    cost living cuba housing utilty food annual income

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    Cost of living is actually pretty cheap for the Cuban. On average, their wages can go from $10 (CUC) month to $25, and some jobs much higher.

    They get food allowances, and don't pay for housing or utilities the way we would. Women get "product" allowances, that usually run out before they are done. Depending on where they work, (those on resorts) they will get tickets for the "worker" bus, meals, and sometimes even clothing from their employer.

    Most of the expense that a working Cuban will face are those like clothing, shoes, and other non-essential items. Once you take away food, shelter, utilities, transportation...there's not a lot of "cost of living" left over. A Cuban not working, or in jail, is a financial burden to the family...which is why they don't like to end up in jail.

    This is why, for the most part, people are grateful for gifts brought by tourists. Those in the tourist industry get much more than those that are not.

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    Do you plan on moving there? Well, you can't. You can stay for an extended holiday....but only in a resort or a licensed Casa. Income? Well if they don't work for the gov't or get tips at a resort the income is extremely poor. They use ration cards for food, The utilities seem cheap to us...but with their poor income it is expensive for them. There are almost no "real" stores there. You would be amazed at how little they can shop for, unless it is on the black market. A poor, poor country full of wonderful people.

    Source(s): Been there 4 times.
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    No idea what it costs for housing, utility or food in Cuba but I do know the wages are very poor, we were there in April this year and our maid told us she was paid the equivalent of £38 per month and she worked 10 hour days 6 days a week.

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    Most Cigar Rollers are men.

    All I can tell you from bits and pieces I have gleaned is that a Gallon of Milk runs about $5.00, which is what the average citizen makes in a week.

    Not surprisingly, if you work in the Cigar Industry, you make more, but you have to be damned good at what you do.

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    would be interested to here more about cuba cos im going there on holiday in 3 weeks but im too mean to waste the points on a question

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    That you will work? That is to say in that? If like you are foreign you work this way then in a company or some thing if you win well and he/she gives to live very well in vat. You can be let if you win well in new apartments that have made for the foreigners or you can be let in a house that is but cheap and in that he/she could help you. I now am not in vat but I can help you equally, I am Cuban. The food is not expensive and there are many stores that it is it. In vat a foreigner with money lives very well as a king. Any thing communicates with me that I help you in what is necessary you.

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