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Help.. questions about the book 1984?

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Ch1 -what is the caption on the poster in winstons building -what are the parties three slogans -what is the purpose of the Two Minutes of Hate Ch2 -what game are the ...show more
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The purpose of the Two Minutes of Hate is to instill a common hatred for Emmanuel Goldstein and associate his image and name with hateful sounds and images so that a common hatred can be built and no defections to the party will arise.

“War is Peace” and such.

The government of Oceania is oxymoronic. To keep peace they believe they need war so their ministry of peace deals with war and that alone. The ministry of truth deals with areas where truth can be skewed to the governments favor. The other two government areas, ministry of love and plenty, have similar oxymoronic features. The government is very secretive and paranoid of its people, as well.

Winston thinks when he sees the dark-haired girl outside the shop that she was spying on him.

Winston discovers at Mr. Charrington’s shop that Victory Square, where he lives, use to be Saint Martin’s church.

Winston keeps a diary to communicate with the future in hopes that they will listen to him and make a change, if they are different from his time.

The philosophy of the Party that is revealed through the conversation with Winston and Syme is that the Party’s goal is to simplify the language to the basic roots and prefixes so that that individual thought and the people that say what should be unsaid are no more.

i don't know how helpful this is but i tried

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Thanks.. it was a big help
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  • jonmcn49 answered 9 years ago
    You ask a lot. The Parties three slogans;

    Freedom is slavery
    War is peace
    Ignorance is strength
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  • victoria3008889 answered 9 years ago
    go to sparknotes message board and enter the book title there are alot of answers there.
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  • mike answered 9 years ago
    Do your own homework,read the book.
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  • Countessa answered 9 years ago
    No thanks do your own homework read George Orwell book 1984. The answers are all there. Thanks for the two points lol
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  • Help.. questions about the book 1984?
    -what is the caption on the poster in winstons building
    -what are the parties three slogans
    -what is the purpose of the Two Minutes of Hate

    -what game are the parsons' children playing
    -winston adresses his journal to who or what? also how does he define a thought crime
    -what does the speaker in the dream tell winston

    -what does winston believe happened to his parents
    -with whom is oceania at war
    -what three statements compromise the party slogan

    -what is simes current project in the records department
    -what does syme predict will happen by 2050
    -what does winston believe is following him

    if someone awnsers all of them they get 10 points for best awnser
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