I need some advice on DIY staining concrete floors...?

has anyone ever done this before and about how expensive would it be? also, could you buy the stain like at home depot?

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    Here in the office at my work ( a truck repair shop), we used Epoxy on the floors. (carpet or tile is not an option because of the grease and such.) It is about a 300 square foot space... give or take. I was told that it is a lot of work. You have to take everything out of the rooms, clean the concrete with an acid treatment (depending on what type of covering was on the floor previously) before painting on the epoxy. Epoxy can be bought at Home Depot. A 1 gallon bucket was about $60. For our amount of space it took 2 gallons. I was also told that if you hire someone to do it for you it might cost about $500. I would check with the staff at Home Depot and ask questions about Epoxy. Hopefully this will at least put you in the right direction! Good luck!

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    Staining your concrete can be very satisfying. Practice first to get the look you're after. Unlike paint, stain cannot just be re-stained if you don't like it. Make up some practice boards using cheap ply, chip or OSB, and covering them with a very thin layer of cement. Remember that these practice boards have a newer cement than the floor, most likely, and so the coloration will be slightly different. Stain works by reacting with the chemicals in the cement, which are effected by age and wear. If your cement floor has been sealed, it may not take the stain at all, so you will want to check into that. You can apply the stain any number of ways, depending on how creative you are. Consider practicing with different application methods to learn the different looks they will give you: brush vs. roller vs. sprayer. You can 'draw' lines, like in marble, using a brush and a darker color, and then spray or roll or 'wash' over that with a slightly lighter color. Practice rolling it on with a rag or 'smearing' it for a more washed, marbling effect. You can splatter 'paint' different stains in small sections - 3 feet or so- at a time, and 'smear' them slightly for a more granite look. What ever you do, play with the stains on practice boards first, so you know how to get what you want out of the project. Finish up with a sealer that is compatable with the kind of stain and concrete application you have. Acrylics will breath, urethanes won't. This actually matters... Finally, I bought my stains on-line. Spend a few evenings searching online to learn what others have discovered. You will love it!

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    You can totally buy concrete stain at Home Depot. I was just looking into this this past weekend. There are lots of colors, not just the usual browns and greys. So go to town!

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    There are concrete paints. Go to your painting supply department or store and look around. I'm sure they can give you some suggestions. Have you thought of having Stanley Carpet Steamers clean the carpeting? Concrete floors are very harsh.

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    use porch and deck enamel. Battleship grey is a good color. (But the have a mixing base for other colors.)

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