yellow press is not freedom of the you think that it's ok that the news can report "I didn't have sex

with that woman...but they are not allowed to give us a daily body count of the brave men and women sacrificing their life to defend our constitutional rights and liberties...that are actually being eroded away ?

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    Bush and the republicans think they are the leaders of China or something. Executions with no trials. Kidnap, torture and killing of innocent people. Cracking down on free speach and the media. Breaking the Geneva Covention laws, the United Nation laws. You name it those evil bastards have done it.

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    1 decade ago

    I keep wondering which rights are being eroded away?

    To your question. Clinton called the press and made the statement in a press conference. Why would they not report it? Every night I hear a count of the number killed that day in Iraq or where ever, so I'm not even sure of your question.

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    Hey it's wasn't the press that said "I didn't have sex with THAT woman". Bill said it himself. AND it was his press conference. *LOL* Folks in Arkansas really knew what he meant. By Bill's definition he didn't. But by my wife's he did. And IF I did what he did, after my wife got through with me the only way I could satisfy a womanwould be orally.

    Actually dear I'd go help them but they tell me I'm too old. I've done 22 years doing what they are doing. How much time have you done?

    And it's reported every day how many of our US troops died. Are you talking about Al Qaeda in Iraq not reporting their loses?

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    I feel that Clinton's indiscretions were morally reprehensible, but allowing thousands of our armed services to die for an undefined cause it far a bigger crime and a greater sin.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the US government is an evil corrupt me take the power back.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gosh Hillary, why don't you use your real name.

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