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How do I join the jewish faith?

And tell me more than get a bartmitzfa. Be specific people

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    One meets with a rabbi and spends a long time studying the jewish religion, heritage, and lifestyle. After that, if you decide to continue with the conversion, males are given a ritual cirumcision and immerse in a ritual bath. (women only do the bath.) Also, this must be done in front of a kosher jewish court of law. Quite honestly, I don't think the non-orthodox movement are actually jewish. but that's just me.

    and a bar-mitzva is a male's 13th birthday. No "procedure" necessary.


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    you have to see a rabbi. he will probably turn you away three times, traditionally they are required to. once he agrees to see you, you will have to convince him of your dedication. he will probably set you up with a "host family" who you will be expected to spend holidays with, he will give you a VERY hefty list of reading material, and the process usually takes over a year. towards the end, you will be evaluated by a beit din (jewish court) who will make the final decision of whether you are ready to convert or not, you will need to be circumsized if you are an uncircumsized male, and both males and females will be immersed in the mikveh and given a hebrew name. hope i didn't miss anything.


    "FYI, a convert to Judaism never becomes a Jew. You're considered a "proselyte" forever.

    Anyone here know whether a 13-year-old proselyte qualifies to become a son of the Law? Now I'm curious ..."

    a convert to judaism is a full jew according to any jewish lawbook. there are laws prohibiting born jews from ever reminding a convert that he was ever once a non-jew. we even have special prayers we say every day that specifically ask G-d to protect the well-being and happiness of converts.

    as for converting a 13-year-old, the answer is no, unless the child's parents are also converting. obviously. converting a 13-year-old is unethical. he has to wait until he is an adult.

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    FYI, a convert to Judaism never becomes a Jew. You're considered a "proselyte" forever.

    Anyone here know whether a 13-year-old proselyte qualifies to become a son of the Law? Now I'm curious ...


    EDIT: According to "," a gentile IS referred to as a proselyte forever.

    Belief in Judaism is the only aspect a gentile can attain; however, he or she can never attain any of the other aspects given to a Jew by birth. This is what I meant by my comment in paragraph one.

    The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines "proselyte" as "a new convert."

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    Talk to a Rabbi. He will try to discourage you. Learn a lot of laws. Convince a court of 3 that you're serious. Circumsize, Immerse in a ritual pool, and that's it.

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    get ahold of a local rabbi

    talk to some reformed Jews

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    I'd go and introduce myself to a rabbi, and explore my reasons with him/her. If you two agree that your wish is for real, he/she will help you study and let you know all that you have to do.

    God bless, best of luck.

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    Do you belief in Christ, if you do then do not join them. If you believe in the sabbath, as it still stands then join a Seventh day Adventist church.

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    Go and talk to a local rabbi so that he (or she if Reform) can talk you out of it.

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    Join the Messianic Jews. No reason to deny the New Testament is there?

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