Tips on how to dispose of a dead body?

Say, theoritically, a friend of mine accidently killed his girlfriend because she wouldn't shut the hell up. And suppose he asked me how he should get rid of the body, not that he did or anything, all hypothetical. Got any good tips that I would tell him, not that I actually have a friend that did this, just a "what if"


thanks! great ideas for my new book

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    lol in a morgue

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    5 years ago

    The best way to dispose of a dead body is to follow this process:

    1: Purchase a large plastic drum (preferably 100 gallon)

    2: Purchase or steal several bottles of hydroflouric acid

    3: Place the body in the barrel, pouring the hydro flourish acid on top.

    Just so you know, Hydroflouric acid will eat through anything except plastic. This can be used in many situations if you need to melt something.

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    4 years ago

    Many people are disposed of via pigs. Now don't think you can just feed a bit of the body at a time to the piggies with their slops, instead you should starve the pigs for around 6 days (this derived from many experimental disposals) and then chop the body up and the pigs with clean up the mess, bones and all. For a complete clean up you require the correct amount of pigs so bodies under 50kg you require between 6-8 pigs, for 50kg-100kg you require at least 13 pigs, for 100kg-150kg you need 18-20 and finally anything over that your need a minimum of 25. If you need any more details just ask.

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    First make sure you clean the body because remnants of ur friends hair or fingernails will give DNA evidence to the police on who actually murdered her. Next make sure you do not dispose the body near wherever u live. Do not dispose it in a lake or any body of water. It will decompose within the water affecting plants and animals around and people will start getting suspicious. The best is if you could dig a really deep grave in thick forest and then dump the body there. Cover the body in plastic wrapping. Then place the body in the grave. Make sure its a remote part of the forest and after u cover it back up with dirt make sure it looks like the rest of the forest floor. But actually if you live near a desert, it would be better if u can dump it somewhere there because the heat will cause the body to decompose quickly and it is highly unlikely that anyone will catch u in the act. God bless ur sorry soul.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No need to dispose of a body. Going to get caught anyways!!!! Makes less work for you,your friend and the cops if you just leave her there.

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    You first need to kill the witness that leads to a dilemma now it's two body's to dispose of. Now a body is heavy that leads into getting help to move them. Then again one more witness then one more to kill then three body's etc... I would have to say the best way is to have the person kill themselves no fuss no muss.

  • Well first you would have to cut the body up into little or atleast 4x4x4 pieces and dissolve them in sulfiric acid and take the acid and dump it into a river or something like that. Im sure it wont kill any fish. Um my name is um..... Stanley and um acid acid lol

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    Leave her be. Just use a lot or air freshener when people come over and if ask why she's so quiet, tell them she's tired-rough day at the office.

    Other than that, most serial killers prefer to cut up the body and scatter the parts or use acid.

  • 6 years ago

    Pigs will eat a body completely, crushing and swallowing the bones too, if there is nothing else around to nibble on.

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    You could mush up the body and give the meat to the local butcher for his pies. Hey they can't accuse you if there is no body and half of your town would of desposed of the evidence for you.

    Source(s): A friend told me this story that the butcher and his wife were very happy together as they worked side by side in the shop. One day, only the wife turned up at the shop and was selling a new kind of meat. Someone bought it and the next day asked for some more as the meat was so good. A month later, the butcher's wife married a farmer who lived close by. >_<
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    Use a incinerator. all that is left over is ash and bones. those can then be buried somewhere far a way. make sure the urn that the ashes are in is marked with a pets name. no one would suspect that they are human ashes. just say they are fluffy's ashes.

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