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How many 747 are there in the world?

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    "A total of 1430 aircraft have been built or ordered in various 747 configurations..."


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    1439 have been built as of today with 29 more in the orders stage (-8i and and most of them are -8f). The original design was to carry cargo (that is why the cockpit and small seating section is on top). The nose would swing open and you could roll all kinds of stuff in there. But the millitary wanted the C-5 so they could fly tanks around and Boeing converted this cargo plane into a passenger plane. Pretty good run for a plane this expensive!

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    They started building them in 1968, and there are over 1000 still in service. The older ones are not as fuel efficient, and incur more maintenance costs, but with a current purchase price of nearly $200 million dollars they are not cheap to replace. The factory in Everett where they build them is the largest building in the world by volume (it is 11 stories tall and has a footprint of 98.5 acres).

    Source(s): Used to work there
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