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Hidden Valley

Rita and Colleen have been friends for a long time. Recently, Rita invited Colleen to go on a hike up at Yang Ming Shan. It was a beautiful fall day, and a hike they will never forget.

Colleen: Hey, thanks for inviting me to go on a hike. This is a nice trail. Have you hiked here before?

Rita: Yep! I've hiked here a lot this summer.

Colleen: You must be in great shape. This trail is pretty steep.

Rita: Well, I try to exercise often. I like hiking in these mountains, too. Not very many people come up here.

(Colleen suddenly grabs Rita's arm, closes her eyes, and screams!)

Colleen: What's that over there!

Rita: Nothing. Just a stick.

Colleen: That scared me to death! I thought it was a snake.

Rita: Relax. Come on, let's go up this hill over here.

Colleen: Okay. It sure is beautiful around here.

Rita: Just wait until we get to the best part of the hike.

(Rita and Colleen continue hiking for a couple of hours.)

Colleen: Wow! Where are we?

Rita: I call it Hidden Valley. Not many people know about this place.

Colleen: That waterfall is fantastic. The water in this lake is so clean and blue.

Rita: Hey, let's take a break over there in the shade of that huge tree. I'm a little tired.

Colleen: Okay. I need to rest, too. Actually, I'm hungry. How about you?

Rita: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. I had a small breakfast, and we've been hiking for a long time.

(Rita and Colleen eat their lunches, talk, rest, enjoy the scenery, and then get ready to leave.)

Colleen: I didn't know you were going to eat so much. You really pigged out!

Rita: I told you I was hungry! Come on, let's hit the road. We should leave; otherwise, we're going to get back too late.

Colleen: Do you have everything?

Rita: Yeah. Let's go.


(Rita and Colleen hike for a couple of hours.)

Colleen: I'm really tired. My legs hurt. My feet hurt. Everything hurts.

Rita: Hang in there! We're almost back. We should be back to my car in about fifteen minutes.

Update 2:

Colleen: Good! Wow, check out this scenery on the left. Let's stop for a minute. I want to take a picture.

Rita: All right. I'll wait for you. That's a beautiful meadow.

Update 3:

(Rita waits while Colleen takes a picture, then they continue hiking until they get back to Rita's car.)

Colleen: Rita, even though I'm tired, this was a great hike. Thanks a lot.

Rita: No problem. Actually, Sandy and I are going to take a hike next weekend. Would

Update 4:

you like to come with us? I can show you another unique place.

Colleen: No thanks. One 'Hidden Valley' was enough for now. I'm out of shape!

Update 5:


A. Writing a summary

To write a summary of something, such as the conversation in this lesson "Hidden Valley," there are several steps you can follow.

Update 6:

1. Collect the key ideas and phrases.

2. Reorganize or categorize these keys.

3. Write sentences which clearly state the key points.

4. Determine the best order for the sentences. Check for and delete repeated ideas.

Update 7:

Generally, a summary should be 20% or less than the length of the original article.


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    Rita has invited Colleen for a hiking at Yang Ming Shan. On they way Collen got scared by a snake which turns out to be a stick. After hours of hike, finally they reach the Hidden Valley, a place with beatiful waterfall and rarely anyone know. After Collen and Rita had their lunch at the Hidden Valley, they decided to hit their way home. On the way back Collen has taken a picture at this beatiful meadow. Since Collen does not often hike, she soon start to feel tired and the pain on the muscle. So when Rita trys to invit her for a hiking trip at the following week, she quickly rejected the invitation.


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