New Zealand?

Can someone give me any facts about New zealand for my homework. -thanks

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    Anything in particular you need to know?? Things you might not find in books (and some you might):

    1) On Easter Day, ALL stores are required to be closed, no going to the mall like in the US. Shops can even be fined if they are caught open. I know a florist that stays open every year and just takes the fine, imagine the profits of being the only flower shop open on Easter Day!

    2) There are NO snakes in New Zealand. Snakes are not native to the country and strong measures are taken to keep them out so they will not eat all the native birds, including the kiwi - the national bird which cannot fly.

    3) Beagles (the dogs) walk through airports with police officers or security smelling for fruit. No fruit is allowed in from outside the country for fear it will bring in insects that will harm the native production. It is very amusing to have one of these floppy eared little dogs stick almost it's while body into a backpack pocket because you had an apple in there 2-days ago :-)

    4) You can travel across the entire country, from the North tip of the North Island to the South tip of the South Island (including ferry trip), in 24-hours or less.

    5) Rugby is like the National past-time, with the All Blacks as the national team. What is Rugby? Real men's football. I once asked someone how you kill the ball (if it is dropped on the ground someone picks it up and just keeps going). I was told you have to kill the guy With the ball :-)

    6) Economy relies heavily on tourism so there is something awesome to do on almost every part of this small country, including volcanos & geysers, hot springs, glacier hiking, sand dune surfing, scuba diving shipwrecks, shark diving, caving, and heaps more great stuff. Bungee jumping was invented by a Kiwi.

    7) The native people are Maoris and make awesome bone or greenstone jewelry. Traditional Maori often have face tattoos and Maori tattoos are done the old fashioned way, kinda like with a nail & hammer. The Haka is a type of war dance performed before battles to intimidate the enemy and I have never met a Kiwi male who could not do it.

    8) It's a tradition after high school to do the big OE (overseas experience) for about 2-years before settling in to 'real' life. Kiwi young people are typically very well educated and very well traveled. Pay attention and you will notice that for such a small country almost every major news event has a Kiwi present.

    9) Beautiful country & Friendliest people you will ever meet

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    Here is a link to good information about the country.

    Interestingly enough there are far more sheep in New Zealand than people.

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    There are a lot of escellent web site you could use which would give you a lot more than you will receive in the yahoo answers


    for some pics

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    yep, we are very proud of our sheep..anyone remember shrek??

    oh yea,and a moive has just been made about GE sheep that go bad and go on a killing rampage..its called black sheep..i think.

    and we make 42 Below vodka..which had just been sold for $40 million to Bacardi

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    NZ was the first country in the world to allow women to vote.

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    they're very proud of their sheep. when the sheep count goes up it's on the news.

    they call themselves "Kiwis." And so does everybody else. . .

    They drink. A LOT.

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