describe about collation of table define?

what is collation for defining table n database?

example:collation latin_swedish-ci what?

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    A collation, also known as a collating sequence, is a database object containing a set of rules that determines how character strings are compared, searched and alphabetically sorted. The rules in the collation determine whether one character string is less than, equal to or greater than another. A collation also determines how case-sensitivity and accents are handled.

    You can specify a different collation for ordering characters when you create or alter a table or create a domain.

    If you have specified a collation for a column, the collation is used implicitly in SQL statements.

    You only need to explicitly use a collation clause in SQL statements if you want to override the default collation or the collation you specified when creating or altering the column or creating the domain.

    Such that,

    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[table1] (

    lname NVARCHAR(20) COLLATE latin_swedish-ci AS NULL,

    fname NVARCHAR(20) COLLATE latin_swedish-ci AS NULL)

    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[table1] ALTER COLUMN


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