Why do some people believe that Wicca is a satanic religion?

Witches (Wiccans, Warlocks, etc.) do not even believe in Satan, for he is a Christian based theory that can not be proven. Just like God cannot be proven whatsoever. I am a bone-fide wiccan and i am proud of it. i love my beliefs and am happy with what i do-- and i do not believe in Satan- and i especially do not worship anyone under christian law. So why do some people think with their narrow minds that Wicca is a satanis religion when in the Wiccna religion- satan does not exist?

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    The reason is Wiccans insist on calling themselves "witches' and their religion "witchcraft". Gardner insisted Witch meant "Wise one" claiming the word derives from the Old English word "wicce". "Wicce" actually means "to bend", and this is where the word "wicker" comes from. The word "wicked" also comes from "wicce" (as in a wicked person being "bent").

    The word "witch" has a nefarious meaning in every language on earth,including English, but for some reason Wiccans still insist on calling themselves "Witches" (with a capital "W") and their religion "Witchcraft". They feel that the reason people are afraid of them is centuries of "xtian propaganda" meant to defame them. But even if they went to Vietnam ( a predominantly Buddhist country) and said they were a Phuy Tay (Vietnamese for witch), people would still be afraid of them. Of course, a tiny few Wiccans have stopped calling themselves witches, but most probably enjoy the shock value wether they admit it or not.

    Christians did not simply "invent the Devil" either. Every religion on earth has a concept of evil spiriits, including ones that existed thousands of years before Christianity...including ancient Celtic Pagan religions. A course in comparative religion at a local community college will probably clear up some of these misconceptions.

    A witch is simply a sorcerer of no particular religion. Even a Satanist could be a witch. It really has less to do with "narrow minds" than common sense. For thousands of years witches were associated with evil in every culture on earth. Wicca was created by Gerald Gardner around the 1950's so he could be beaten by strong willed women according to Adian Kelly. Before that, there was no evidence that a religion like Wicca existed. No Book of Shadows was ever found even once during the witch trials in the Middle Ages. It's amazing how long Wiccans were able to get away with history revision (and still are) until people like Kelly and Hutton bgan to expose it's history.

    Source(s): http://usminc.org/meaning.html The Triumph of The Moon by Ronald Hutton (A professor of history at Oxford University) Crafting The Art of Magic by Adian Kelly ( A Wiccan Traditionhead, NROOGD) (And I'm proud to be a Christian and an ex-Wiccan)
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    Witches, Wiccans and Warlocks do believe in Satan.

    Witches = those who practice and study witchcraft.

    Wicca = those who belong to the priesthood of Wicca.

    Warlock = male magic practitioner, but known as an insult for oath-breaker.

    Wicca is a henotheistic religion, this means that they do not deny the existence of gods or supernatural beings within other religions; they simply follow their own deities – Great Mother Goddess and Horned God.

    Satan is a Christian construct and only has a real place within dualistic view of the universe, or in other words black and white/evil and good, this is why those within Wicca do not follow Satan, but that's not to say they disbelieve in him either. Then there are Satanists such as Lucifarians follow Satan happily outside of this good verses evil world view so there is nothing to say Wicca cannot do the same. Doctrines simply move Wicca away from this because often Satan is used as a scapegoat for others actions, where as Wicca tend to support the view of personal responsibility.

    As for witches not believing in Satan, one has to respectfully ask – what rock have you been hiding under? Of course witches believe in Satan, if of course they are Satanic, Christian or Judaic, remember all Wicca are witches, not all witches are Wicca.

    People have narrow minds, if we were all as open-minded as we claimed then the term would be meaningless, you have a narrow mind about some things as others have narrow minds about other things. Some people are simply misinformed about Satanism and Wicca, others are so comfortable within their world view they do not have the intelligence, strength or courage to step out of it – you will find many Christian zealots for example are the way they are because their parents were the same, it's not totally their fault if they cannot see outside of their world view.

    Who are you to say that Satan does not exist anyway?

    Are you so closed minded as to think that Satan may not exist?

    Why do some people believe that Satanism is a Satan-worshipping religion?

    Perhaps before criticising others you should look at what you have posted here, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Satanist, the vast majority of Satanists do not believe in Satan, so ask yourself if you should be criticising others when you yourself assume all Satanists worship Satan and no witches or Wicca believe in Satan.

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    Ive thought about that before. The closedmindedness and the "anyone who doesnt believe the way i do must not be a good person" ideas are what turned me off of christianity. I was raised mormon, and have come to the realization that most pagan people seem to have better morals and better character than a lot of the people i have met as a mormon. But to answer the question, a lot of the people who think that way were probably brought up being told that their religion is the only way to go. thats all they know. They dont go out and find something that they can relate to better, or even if they arent wanting to switch to religions, they think it pointless to learn about other peoples beliefs. they believe that way because they were told (or programmed) to. ultimately, who really cares what everyone else thinks? Obviously wicca works for you and that is all that matters, that you've chosen the best path for yourself.

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    Because they are wearing bible shaped rose-tinted glasses that they love to hide behind. It keeps them safe from all us crazies. I don't mind them believing in God, that is their choice, but I would never turn round and tell them some untruth about Jesus, as how would I prove it? How can Christians, Muslims etc... prove that we are Devil Worshippers? They can't. It's all down to understanding and research and being able to accept that there are many religions in this world, that not everyone will like.

    You can please some of the people, all of the time; All of the people, some of the time; But not all of the people, all of the time.

    Jadea - I understand what you mean, but I personally don't believe in Satan as the Christian construct. he may simply be an angel, but I'm not entirely sure that I believe they exist either. I'd have to look into it more. It's all down to personal preferrence.

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    Often this is because of references to the "Horned God" (sometimes Cernunnos, sometimes Pan), as well as the similarities between Pan and the modern mental image of "Satan" (most of which was, in fact, pieced together of images of other pagan gods such as Pan [horns, goat bottom], Poseidon [trident], etc.). Also, as another person said, it's because some priests and preachers call all non-Christian religions (and sometimes even other Christian sects) "Satanic" without any sort of research into the religion. Of course, there's also the fact that this nation has Puritan background, and the whole...witch-burning thing. "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" (Exodus 22:18) and all that crap.

    To put it bluntly, many Christians in this world don't bother to read their own holy text ("Love thy neighbor" ring a bell, anyone? How about "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," and "Judge not, lest ye be judged?") before persecuting and lecturing others on how their (the others') religion is Satanic.

    Being a Satanic religion requires having some belief in Christian dogma, i.e., that there is a Satan. Wiccans (and Wicca-inspired pagans) do not believe in Satan, nor follow him in any sort of way. People who would bash Wicca as a Satanic religion are ill-informed as to the beliefs and have a lot of reading to do--particularly in their OWN holy books.

    Edit: *snrt* Notice how all of the pagan explanations are being down-voted. Look, kids, we know you're Christian. We don't care. Just stop persecuting us, please. You have many of us afraid to practice our own religion in our own hometowns, where we are tax-paying citizens. Freedom of religion extends only so far as to not impede upon OTHERS' FREEDOM. Stop bothering us, please. We are not Satanic. We don't have live sacrifices. We do our own little thing, yet we're bitched at, driven out of town, the subject of hate crimes... I have been pinned against a wall and beaten with a BIBLE by one of you people. Leave us alone. There's freedom of religion for a reason, and it's not so you guys can harass us, okay?

    Source(s): The personal path of a Wicca-inspired Neo-pagan. =)
  • Kithy
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    Ignorance. Blind ignorance. A willingness to believe the worst about people outside of their own group. And a refusal to be honest with one's self and to do some honest research before spreading BS around.

    It's pathetic really. I just read one that put down Pagans because of sacrifices in the past (and claiming they happen now). Yet, it appears to come from a person who is a Christian (he did not say, but it was the same type of thing I have had other Christians tell me). Now, on this point, it's really strange... they are putting Pagans down for past sacrifices... yet, Christians Worship a Human Sacrifice. Not quite sure how they don't see this one.

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    MAY THE GOD AND GODDESS WATCH OVER THOSE LITTLE LAMBS AND BRING THEM ENLIGHTENMENT AND LOVE WHERE THERE IS ONLY DARKNESS AND HATE. Oh and bless you for asking that question. I just read one before this one that almost made me cry with all the hurtful comments. I was tempted to be rude, but remembered that everything comes back threefold. I informed them and left. Thanx again! = )>

  • Anonymous
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    It's a common misconception that will never be entirely corrected. First, a number of non-pagans/wiccans don't want their cherished fantasies disproven. If you ask a hundred non-pagans/wiccans what the term warlock means, one or none will give you the correct answer - that a warlock is a term for "turncoat" or "traitor" - one who reveals information from the inside that his/her fellow pagans/wiccans would rather be kept within the craft. When told the truth, they will deny it, though the person telling them is in fact a pagan or wiccan. And some of them have heard of the Goddess's consort, the horned god, and because of the "horned" image raised in their minds, choose to believe he is, in fact, Satan - again, refusing to accept being corrected.

    It really is best for wiccans/pagans to keep knowledge of the craft to themselves, because too many Christians are so deranged that the risk of murderous violence from them is unacceptably high. Let 'em continue to wallow in their own excrement; eventually it will suffocate them.

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    I have asked that same question myself. The devil, satan, lucifer is a fictional character in the bible made up by christians, and anything they dont understand, they will call it the devil and do not want to learn about it or read about it because they want to be narrow minded and rather be led by a preacher or some other clergy than to think forthemselves and question authority and all of that other good stuff.

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    You said it yourself. The church created the concept of Satan and everyone who doesn't fall into line is therefore a worshiper of Satan. The name Pagan is a Christian invention too. The adherents believe the dogma.

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