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anyone know some sad opera music?


if you could be specific that would help

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    G.Puccini - Tosca, very sad opera, Aria "E lucevan le Stelle"

    G Puccini - Madame Butterfly very sad overall

    G,F Handel - Rodelinda, all of it every single aria

    G.F Handel - Radamisto based on L'amor Tirranico

    G.F Handel - Rinaldo (two of the saddest arias ever "Lascia Ch'io Pianga" and "Cara Sposa"

    Most of the work written for "Castrati" is very sad, Handel's operas were all written for counter tenors, try to find his works sung by counter tenors Andreas Scholl or Derek Lee Ragin, no mezzo sopranos who regularly replace counter tenors very poorly

    You have enough sad opera music, dont cry too much ..


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    Sad Opera Music

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Creepy - Der Vampir, by Marschner. Sad - most Puccini operas.

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    One that I heard which is beautiful but sad, is Guilio Caccini's "Ave Maria". The singer is Inessa Galante. I just typed in "inessa galante ave maria" in youtube, and found it.

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    One of my favorites is Un Bel Dia (one beautiful day) (May have spelled it wrong) from Madam Butterfly.

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    o mio babbino caro by Gianni Schicchi

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    look up the soundtrack on the "phantom of the opera" production, many are pretty sad

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