Pain in lower left abdomen?

Please, only serious answers here. I, at first thought it was gas, but the pain is still in the lower left side of my abdomen. I've had my appendics removed already, so that leaves that out. It feels as if I've just had surgery. I can press on it, and it feels as if I've just don't sit ups. It's not cramps, but as I said, a pain that feels as if I've just had surgery. Does anyone know what this could possibly be? It all started around the time I stacked some firewood.

Thanks for any feed back

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    I am sure its just a pulled or strained mussel. The other thing is ,did you maybe bang into something out there? You may have brused something. Try ice for awhile then heat. See your doctor in the morning if your still worried.

  • 4 years ago

    I do not know what you have and the fat that I am not girl may make a difference in my answer. All my life I've been a nervous person and this has causes me a terrible problem. When I get super nervous my lower left abdomen pain intensely, like if there were a knife trying to cut through. Well over time I have figured that this is caused from my nervousness and that, what I believe is my small intestine, bloats and stretches, therefore my pain. I don't know if this is any help, but I have a pain similar to yours. If you are a nervous person, I would advise to control yourself on your emotions as I have. This is the only way I can prevent the pain. But if you are not a nervous person, than you might have a cyst in your ovary as someone wrote before. You might want to buy a magnetic therapy bed. I saw on a Spanish channel that they can cure these illnesses if not too advanced. I would have bought one but am under age and don't have money. Might help? don't know.

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    You may have pulled a muscle or have a possible hernia. Hernias can develop in surgery sites and scar tissue can adhere to other things both of these can be painful. I would say that you don't need to ask us. You need to see a doctor soon.

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    1 decade ago

    Go see your GP and request for an x-ray done. That should help to diagnose the cause of the pain, further evaluation and treatment.

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    9 years ago I had what the drs believed was appendix attack...after they prep ed me for surgery and did a final ultrasound they realized it wasn't my appendix but a misenteric vein thrombosis....blood clot in my stomach...don't wanna scare you but you asked for the feedback...

    it was very painful in my lower abdomen

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are concerned about it, make an appointment with your doctor.

    It could be any number of things: sore muscles, internal infection, hernia, etc.

    Go see your doctor.

  • 1 decade ago

    Could be scar tissue from your surgery. It happens, I had to have scar tissue removed two years after I had my appendix was removed.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you're that worried about it just go to the hospital. Maybe it's a hernia.

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe a pulled or strained abdominal muscle

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