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Shouldn't McDonald's offer home delivery, like pizza? They do in Malaysia?

In Malaysia they have McDelivery. And if you don't beilieve me here's the link:

Don't you think we should have that here in the US? I mean it would be great! Just dial the number, and they deliver the McDonald's just like they do with pizza. Plus it would make lot's of new jobs for people. Wouldn't it be great? I actually think we deserve it here in the USA because we invented McDonald's and we own all the McDonald's around the world.

We need McDelivery!!

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    Goshalmighty. Let's make people even lazier by having that crap delivered straight to their doors. Then they wouldn't even get the little bit of exercise needed to get to the Golden Arches to fill their bodies with fat and calories. I must say, though, the place does have good iced tea.

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    Mcdonald Delivery Malaysia

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    Delivery is a good idea for new markets. For established markets home delivery will cannabalize store sales. Also there is the issue of which McDonald's franchise gets the order...the franchisees will argue over every delivery customer. Also, if one McDonald's in town goes delivery, they all have to do it- and some franchisees wouldn't agree.

    This is a better idea for a Burger King, Carl's Jr. or In 'n Out which are smaller than McDonald's.

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    I don't know about the US, but here in Australia, McDonalds refused to do any form of delivery for security reasons. A lot of the time, there is only one manager on, or more managers and less crew. The managers aren't actually meant to leave the store. And the crew will slack off for what ever reason they can find, so they can't be trusted to leave the store, drive around and get paid at the same time. But it is mainly for security reasons that McDonalds doesn't do it.

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    Here in Singapore,Mcdonald's delivery is 24 hours and its great as you get to eat anytime you want.I once have the Big Breakfast Meal set at 5am,cool huh?

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    Yes I think they should...they would be helping those who can not get out, and for maybe birthday parties, and just because..

    I think that would be a great hit for McDonald's if they can have home delivery meals....Great Idea!!!

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    Well did you ever watch that program super size me? It would be such a bad idea for fast food delivery because most americans are obesse anyway, well that would just lead to more of an obessity problem. People would be too fat and lazy to get off of their butt to go eat.

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    I live in NYC...many of the McDonalds do deliver here.

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    Yes, America is not dangerously overweight enough . You actually have to do some walking to get to and from your car, and walking is a form of exercise.

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