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what happened to kristin stinar from kstp channel 5 news?

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    KSTP-TV, "Channel 5" (50 digital) is the ABC affiliate for the Twin Cities. Its transmitter is located in Shoreview, Minnesota. It is the flagship station of Hubbard Broadcasting Corporation, which also owns several other TV stations across the United States and some other properties.

    The station is licensed to St. Paul (its call letters stand for K ST. Paul), but its studios lie right on the city line between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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    1 First station

    1.1 Former logos

    2 Programming and personalities

    2.1 Newscast Titles

    2.2 News Anchors

    2.3 SkyMax5 Weather Team

    2.4 5 Eyewitness Sports

    2.5 Eyewitness News Reporters

    2.6 Former Personalities

    3 News Music

    4 Broadcast Center

    5 Outlying stations and translators

    6 See also

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    8 References


    First station

    The first telecast by KSTP reportedly occurred on December 7, 1947, when Jack Horner hosted a 25-minute program. Channel 5 began regular broadcasts a few months later on April 27, 1948, making it the first television station in Minnesota. However, an experimental mechanical TV station had set up by WDGY station engineers more than a decade earlier. That station's license expired in 1938 as the Federal Communications Commission was not interested in continuing mechanical TV broadcasts. That same year, Hubbard bought the first television camera available from RCA. However, the television blackout brought on by World War II prevented any transmissions from being made.

    KSTP has a number of claims for broadcasting "firsts." These include:

    First in the United States with a regularly scheduled seven-day newscast at 10 p.m. (1950)

    First in the country to broadcast fully in color (1961)

    First in the U.S. to include live satellite-fed reports (satellite news gathering) in local news broadcasts (1984)

    KSTP-TV was originally an NBC affiliate, as KSTP-AM 1500 had long been an NBC radio affiliate. The station, however, also aired programming from the DuMont Television Network [2]. However, on March 5, 1979, it became an ABC affiliate while NBC programming moved to WTCN-TV (now KARE).

    A digital TV signal from KSTP started airing in 1999, and it became part of the first TV "duopoly" in the state with the purchase of KVBM-TV, channel 45 (now KSTC-TV) the year after that (though there was a longstanding public television pair: KTCA/KTCI).


    Former logos

    The "5" from the last 4 logos in this gallery is known as the Groovy font 5. This 5 was first launched in the mid 1970's, when KSTP had still been the Twin Cities longtime NBC affiliate. Though the 5 has been modified a few times (like WCCO changing its old circle 4 logo from blue to red in the late 1980's) it is the Twin Cities longest lived numeric logo.

    KSTP's very first logo, used from 1948 to 1956. At that time, KSTP transmitted at 100,000 watts of power.

    KSTP logo used from 1956 to 1958.

    KSTP logo used from 1958 to 1960.

    KSTP logo used from 1960 to 1965.

    KSTP, then an NBC affiliate was airing over 6 hours of color programing by 1962.

    KSTP logo used from 1965 to 1968.

    KSTP logo used from 1968 to early-1970s.

    The first variation of KSTP's Groovy font 5 first appearing in the early-1970s. This example was from 1975, when it was still an NBC affiliate.

    KSTP ident used from 1979 to 1992 At this point, KSTP was now an ABC affiliate.

    KSTP ident used from 1992 to 2003. The "5" has changed, but has kept the spirit of the previous "5".

    KSTP's Present Logo used from 2003 to today.


    Programming and personalities

    The station is one of many across the country to use the Eyewitness News moniker for newscasts. A notable local program produced each week is At Issue, a political discussion show hosted by Tom Hauser where former state governor Wendell Anderson has been a regular guest. Special sports shows, usually hosted by Anne Hutchinson, are also made on a regular basis, and On the Road with Jason Davis, a program that follows Minnesotans and Wisconsinites around the globe, has recently become a full half-hour program (it was originally a segment produced for newscasts).

    From 1982 until 1994 when nationally-syndicated talk shows started ruling the daytime airwaves, KSTP ran a talk program of its own known as Good Company. Married couple Sharon Anderson and Steve Edelman hosted the show. They appeared briefly in the movie Fargo as show hosts. The two continue to be recognized as area celebrities from time to time. Currently, Edelman runs Edelman Productions, a company that produces TV shows for Food Network, HGTV, The History Channel, and DIY, with his wife Anderson hosting a few of them. Edelman Productions is headquartered in California where both Edelman and Anderson now live, but they have offices both in California and Minnesota where they produce their shows.

    KSTP-TV Eyewitness News open, 2004.In late 2004, the station became part of the controversies surrounding missing explosives following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Anchor/Reporter Dean Staley and cameraman Joe Caffrey visited the Al Qa'qaa munitions dump on April 18, 2003. By the next year, Staley had moved on to another station, but the tapes still existed and Caffrey was still at KSTP. When reports surfaced that explosive material might have been stolen from the site, the two realized that they had filmed at the facility during an important time.

    Despite its extensive news background, the station often finds itself at the bottom of the ratings pile at the present time. News anchors and reporters have been changed quite frequently during the past decade, probably more often than any other area station. Even a shakeup and quirky advertisements featuring Ed Asner (emulating Lou Grant) did not help out. However, at least a few people have managed to stay at the station. Since October 1976 Jason Davis has produced feature stories for the news and since 2003 has been host and executive producer of a half hour program called "On the Road" which broadcasts on Sunday nights at 10.35.Meteorologist Dave Dahl has been doing on-air reports since 1979. KSTP-TV's current lead anchors are John Mason & Leah McLean. KSTP also has the Twin Cities largest team of reporters. Dahl is notable and criticized for being a skeptic of global warming (i.e. anthropogenic climate change).

    On May 12 2006, KSTP Television announced that they are starting up a 4 p.m. broadcast. No competitors have one. It will compete against channel 4's Oprah. They will stop airing Cheers and reschedule Judge Judy.

    The KSTP news team will endure a shake up when anchors Mike Binkley and Joe Schmit leave the station by the end of August. Replacements have not yet been named.


    Newscast Titles

    Channel 5 Eyewitness News (though 2004)

    5 Eyewitness News (2004-present)


    News Anchors

    John Mason (5:00, 6:00, 6:30 & 10:00 p.m.)

    Leah McLean (4, 6, & 10 p.m.)

    Cyndy Brucato (5:00 & 6:30 p.m.)

    Mike Binkley (Mornings) - Leaving KSTP in November 2006[1]

    Vineeta Sawkar (Mornings)

    Brad Sattin (Weekends)

    Jessica Miles (Weekends)


    SkyMax5 Weather Team

    Dave Dahl (Weeknight Weather)

    Patrick Hammer (Morning & Midday Show Weather)

    Rob Koch (Weekend & Fill-In Weather)


    5 Eyewitness Sports

    Rod Simons(Weeknights)

    Anne Hutchinson (Weekends)

    Ryan Kibbe (Various)


    Eyewitness News Reporters

    Mark Albert

    Todd Baer

    Glen Barbour

    Jo Ann Bemoras

    Paul Brand

    Jason Davis- Host and Executive Producer - On the Road.

    Rusty Gatenby-Morning Traffic & Entertainment

    Jennifer Griswold

    Tom Hauser-Chief Political Reporter

    Beth Jett

    Ross Kirgiss

    Joe Mazan

    Bob McNaney

    Kristi Piehl

    Scott Seroka

    Kristin Stinar

    Allison Triarsi


    Former Personalities

    Angela Davis (Mornings)

    Harris Faulkner (Main Anchor w/ Kent Ninomiya)

    Mike LaPoint (Midday Weather)

    Angela Astore (Anchor)

    Jim Guy (Morning Weather until June 2005)

    Jo Bender (Weekend Weather until 2003)

    Janie Peterson(Midday/Weekend Weather)

    Karl Spring (Midday/Weekend Weather)

    Randy Meier (Main Anchor w/ Julie Nelson)

    Julie Nelson (Main Anchor w/ Randy Meier)

    Kent Ninomiya (Main Anchor w/ Harris Faulkner)

    Dean Staley (Weekend Anchor)

    Kris Patrow (Reporter)

    Brad Rogers (Reporter)

    Chris Conangla (Anchor)

    Angela Storm (Main Anchor w/ Chris Conangla)

    Craig Nigrelli (Reporter)

    Ron Magers (Main Anchor 1974-1981)

    Bob Bruce (Anchor)

    Phil Schwarz (Weekend Weather 1989-1993)

    Jeff James(Meteorologist)

    Mark Suppelsa (Anchor)

    Joe Schmit(Weeknight Sports, Weeknight Anchor- 1985-July 2006)

    Stan Turner (Main Anchor)


    News Music

    Package Composer Years Used Other Notes

    Leading Edge Lattitude Music 1995-1999

    Overture Stephen Arnold Music 1999-2005

    In-Sink (V.1, V.2, V.3) 615 Music 2005-Present

    [edit]Broadcast Center

    Entrance to the KSTP studios on University Avenue in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. The sidewalk leading to the building lies precisely on the city line, as does the central leg of the tower.KSTP-TV's studios and offices are located precisely on the Minneapolis-St. Paul border. The sidewalk in the adjacent photo of the building is on the city line. The principal broadcast studios are on the Minneapolis side of the building with most of the rest of the operation being on the St. Paul side. There is a large transmitting tower behind the station, with one leg in each city and a third leg precisely on the city line. This tower is primarily used to relay the station's signal to the Telefarm paired tower setup in Shoreview (shared with KSTP-FM, WCCO, KARE, and WUCW).

    [edit]Outlying stations and translators

    Combined with satellites KSAX Alexandria and KRWF in Redwood Falls, KSTP has the most extensive network of television broadcast translators in the state, reaching much of central Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Listed here are the translators served directly by KSTP:

    K60FY 60 Frost

    K30FN 30 St. James (in the Mankato market)

    W57AS 57 Spooner, WI

    K57CN 57 Wabasha

    K58AF 58 Windom

    [edit]See also




    [edit]External links

    KSTP Channel 5

    KSTP-TV in 1962, from Broadcast News magazine.

    KSTP at Twin Cities Tv Source

    [edit]TV Queries

    Query the FCC's TV station database for KSTP

    Query the FCC's TV station database for K60FY

    Query the FCC's TV station database for K30FN

    Query the FCC's TV station database for W57AS

    Query the FCC's TV station database for K57CN

    Query the FCC's TV station database for K58AF


    ^ "Binkley delays his 'break' from KSTP until November", Minneapolis Star-Tribune, August 28, 2006. Retrieved on September 9, 2006.

    Broadcast television in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market (Nielsen DMA #15)

    Metro stations

    KTCA 2 (PBS) - WCCO 4 (CBS) - KSTP 5 (ABC) - KMSP 9 (Fox) - KARE 11 (NBC) - WUMN-CA 13 (UNI) - KTCI 17 (PBS) - WUCW 23 (The CW) - WFTC 29 (MNTV) - KPXM 41 (i) - KSTC 45 (IND)

    Outer Areas

    KCCO 7 / KCCW 12 (CBS) - WDAZ 8 (ABC) - KAWE 9 / KAWB 22 (PBS) - KWCM 10 / KSMN 20 (PBS) - KVLY 11 (NBC) -

    KVRR 15 (Fox) - KFTC 26 (MNTV) - WHWC 28 (PBS/WPT) - KSAX 42 / KRWF 43 (ABC)


    Local cable television stations

    FSN North

    See also: Broadcast television in the Duluth, Fargo/Grand Forks, Rochester/Austin, and Madison markets

    Broadcast television in the Mankato market (Nielsen DMA #200)

    KEYC 12 (CBS) - K30FN (ABC)


    Out-of-market stations available in Mankato

    KTCA 2 (PBS) - KMSP 9 (FOX) - KARE 11 (NBC) - KSMQ 15 (PBS) - KSMN 20 (PBS) - WUCW 23 (CW) - WFTC 29 (MNTV)

    See also: Television in the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Rochester markets

    Broadcast television in the Eau Claire / La Crosse market (Nielsen DMA #123)

    WKBT 8 (CBS, MNTV on DT2) - WEAU 13 (NBC) - WQOW 18/WXOW 19 (ABC, The CW on DT2) - KQEG-CA 23 (FamilyNet part-time) - WLAX 25/WEUX 48 (Fox) - WHWC 28 / WHLA 31 (PBS/WPT) - K62EV / W67CH (NBC) - W63AR (ABC)

    ABC Network Affiliates in the state of Minnesota[ Show ]

    KSTP 5 (St. Paul) - KAAL 6 (Austin) - WDIO 10 / WIRT 13 (Duluth / Hibbing) - KSAX 42 / KRWF 43 (Alexandria / Redwood Falls)

    See also: CBS, CW, Fox, MyNetworkTV, NBC, PBS, and Other stations in Minnesota

    ABC Network Affiliates in the state of Wisconsin[ Show ]

    WBAY 2 (Green Bay) - WAOW 9/WYOW 34 (Wausau/Eagle River) - WISN 12 (Milwaukee) -

    WQOW 18/WXOW 19 (Eau Claire/La Crosse) - WKOW 27 (Madison) - W63AR* (Ladysmith)

    *W63AR is a repeater of KSTP-TV, St. Paul, Minnesota.

    See also: CBS, CW, Fox, MNTV, NBC, PBS and Other stations in Wisconsin

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