My husband and i are going to New York In December for 2 weeks, where should we stay?

We also want to travel to Washington and Niagra Falls, anyone know of any organised tours etc, or has anyone used Amtrak to get to these places?

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    stay at the hotel grand union it is on 34th street east and is near the 33rd street subway station, this is the green line. you can get on the local at this station and go uptown downtown, it is really close to macys and the empire state building. there is a great restaurant right next to the hotel that serves all three meals. very convenient. you are not right at times square, but you will find out that the subway is really easy to learn and you can be anywhere really quickly..i know the manhattan subway system like the back of my hand......... this section is called midtown, on the east side.... i have used amtrak to get here from south carolina and georgia, it is cheaper but longer trip than flying, hope this is helpful sorry it is soooo long....

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    The Pennsylvania hotel is right across the street from Penn Station and 3 blocks from the Empire State building. Amtrak is a faster way to get to DC but they also have bus tours that run $35 round trip.

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    My favorite hotel is the Waldorf-Astoria. I got the best sleep of my life there, beautiful views, nice and clean, friendly people, beautiful lobby. I sat there for an hour and a half just looking at the beautiful holiday decorations and listening to a pianist they had playing. Its just a beautiful hotel.

    I can tell you that the worst hotel in NYC is the Sheraton towers. Almost the same price as the Waldorf, but it was terrible. They screwed up our Thanksgiving dinner, the rooms smelled terrible, and the staff was very rude. They really put a downside to an otherwise wonderful vacation.

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    Super 8 Times Square is nice and affordable. Small though. Amtrak goes through Buffalo. You'll need to rent a car from there. Don't know about DC.

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    If you're not looking to take out a second mortgage just to spent a couple of nights in New York City stay in New Jersey. New jersey hotels are infinitely cheaper than those in the city, and your only 5 to 15 minutes away by public transportation.

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    Well, it depends on what you're wanting to do in NYC. I was just there, and stayed at the Renaissance in Times Square, however it goes for about $450 a night. But well worth it since we were doing theater, and we were within walking distance to every major Broadway theater. There are several smaller hotels in the upper east side, upper west side and greenwich village that are going to be more reasonably priced. Check out for some great suggestions.

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    Here is a great idea you may not have though of...

    Stay away from the main stream hotels. Smaller boutique hotels can be alot better for customer service and they really know the city.

    Some nice ones are "The Library Hotel" and "The Muse" both in great locations and you'll love them.

    (I know I watch Travel Channel too much!)

    Don't stay at the shitty Marriott!

    Have fun!!!

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    Call 1-800-NYC-Guide/1-800-692-4843... They give you a free guide with price of hotels and raitings and coupons attractions to see and such. You wont regret doing that.

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    At the Plaza

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