If you cut your eyelashes, do they grow even longer and faster?

If you cut your eyelashes, do they grow even longer and faster? How about your regular head hair, or eyebrows? Trimming makes it grow faster?

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    eyelashes and eyebrows are different from hair on top of your head...you lose an eyelash and generally it takes a couple of months to replace...trimming eyebrows doesn't make them grow faster, although rubbing them can cause them to come in thicker...

    Cutting eyelashes or eyebrows would cause them to look blunt and odd...I wouldn't recommend it...

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    Cut Eyelashes

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    Hairs grow to a specific length, and then they just stop. That's why your eyebrows don't grow down over your eyelids! That's also why you might notice that a friend of yours has really long hair, and no matter how long you wait, yours won't grow any longer. The hair on each person's head, and in a man's beard, are programmed to grow for a certain amount of time and then it stops and stays there for a while before falling out. If you happen to cut it while it is in the growing phase, it will keep growing, and that might make you think that by cutting it, it was stimulated to grow. But it would have kept growing no matter what you did --unless of course you plucked it out!

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    NO...eyelashes and eyebrows fall out and replace themselves around every 5-7 days. Cutting them will not make them grow faster. Trimming the ends of your hair will not make it grow faster, but it will keep your hair from breaking off faster than it grows.

    Source(s): I am a Managing Cosmetologist
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    I've cut my bottoms lashes because i didnt like how my mascara accidentally would cake on it and lool weird lol but only barely a trim.. it grew back a month or two later and I don't remember exactly how long they were but I think they are longer. I'm sure it's the same with the top lashes.

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    Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster. Do not cut your eyelashes. That would look weird! Eyelash length is one of those things that is controlled by genetics. Fortunately for those of us not endowed with the genes for long, thick eyelashes, there is mascara. Have you ever noticed how many guys have long gorgeous eyelashes? And they don't even care? Totally unfair.

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    I wouldn't let my a pair of scissors get that close to my eyes anyway....

    You eyelashes grow at their own rate. Not longer, just replacing ones that fall out.

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    No. When you cut your hair, you create a blunt surface that appears to be fuller and thicker. Cutting doesn't actually make it grow faster, but just creates the illusion that it does.

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    I had a sister that she cut her eyelashes just a little bit and right now they're bigger than mine but it's not guarantee if you don't want to risk so don't do it.

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    No they do not grow longer and faster, and you might cut your eye if you tried that!

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