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Additional= added to something already there.

Aside = a remark in a low voice not intended to be heard by everyone present

Barge = to move rudely and ungracefully often hitting against things.

Base = the lowest part of something especially the part which it stand.

Bellow = to make the loud deep voice.

Bold = brave, confident and willing to take risks.

Bony = very thin.

Bolted =to run away suddenly often because you are afraid.

Caption = words written above or below a pic to say what it is about.

Cautious = taking care to avoid danger.

Clasp = to hold something tightly.

Clutch = to hold something tightly.

Coast = the land next to the sea/to keep moving without additional power.

Crawl = to move slowly on your hands and knees or with tour body close to the ground or other surface.

Creature = an animal or being of some kind.

Crest= a growth of feather on top pf a birds head.

Crouch = to lower your body close to the ground by bending your knees and back.

Curve = to bend in the shape of a curve.

Dangle = to hang or swim loosely.

Dash = to run short distance very quickly.

Dazed =unable to think or feel clearly because of a blow or shock.

Disapproval= a feeling or opinion that someone else is behaving badly.

Ease =easy/to make or become less severe or difficult.

Engrave = to cut words or pictures on woods stones or metal.

Fern = a green plant with leaves shaped like feathers and no flowers.

Flap = to move something flat and large up and down or backwards or forwards making a noise.

Gaze = stare.

Gigantic =usually large in amount or size.

Glance = to look for a very short time.

Gleam = to shine.

Glider = a plane without an engine.

Gliding = the sport of flying gliders.

Glitter = to shine brightly with flashes of light.

Graze = to feed on grass (animal)

Grip = a very tight forceful hold to hold something very tightly.


不要用翻譯機喔!!我希望能翻好點像 dazed翻茫然我不要解釋的意思


Groan = to make a loud low sound of pain worry or disapproval.

Grunt = to make a short deep rough sounds especially when you are dissatisfied or unwilling to talk.

Update 2:

Hunch = an idea based in feeling rather than on facts or roof.

Inch = to move slowly with care or difficultly.

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    Additional = 另外

    Aside = 到一旁

    Barge = 駁船

    Base = 基礎

    Bellow = 吼

    Bold = 大膽

    Bony = 多骨

    Bolted = 栓住

    Caption = 標題

    Cautious = 小心

    Clasp = 扣

    Clutch = 抓

    Coast = 海岸

    Crawl = 爬

    Creature = 動物

    Crest = 鳥冠

    Crouch = 蹲伏

    Curve = 曲線

    Dangle = 懸吊

    Dash = 猛衝

    Dazed = 暈眩

    Disapproval = 不贊同

    Ease = 緩和

    Engrave = 雕上

    Fern = 羊齒科植物

    Flap = 輕拍

    Gaze = 注視

    Gigantic = 龐大

    Glance = 看一眼

    Gleam = 閃光

    Glider = 滑翔機

    Gliding = 滑動

    Glitter = 閃耀

    Graze = 吃青草

    Grip = 緊握

    Groan = 呻吟

    Grunt = 哼哼聲

    Hunch = 第六感

    Inch = 英吋

    Source(s): 小沙彌的用心良苦
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