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Theresa runs a pizza shop in a college community. For years, hers was the only restaurant within four blocks of the college. Now, two new restaurants, one serving Asian noodles and the other serving tacos, have opened on the same block. Students view the food served at these other restaurants as a good alternative to pizza, and as a result, students' demand for pizza has changed.

Given the greater availability of substitutes for pizza for these college students, which of the following statements best describes the students' new demand for pizza as compared to their old demand curve for pizza?

A. If the price of pizza rises, students will shrink their pizza consumption by more than they would have if the other foods weren't available.

B. All of these statements are accurate.

C. Visually, the new demand curve will appear less steep than the old demand curve.

D. Quantity demanded shows a greater responsiveness to price changes.

E. Demand becomes more elastic.




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    C 的意思是, 如果你把需求的圖畫出來, 新的需求的弧度會比舊的來的平緩

    ( demand curve就是圖裡的那條線, 需求越高, 弧度就會越陡峭. 以問題來說, 既然學生的選擇多了, 他們對pizza的需求就相對減少, 那demand curve當然就會變的比較平緩)

    D 的意思是, 數量的需求與價格就會有相對的影響關係

    ( 既然同學的選擇變多, 價錢當然也會成為他們購買的考量之一, responsiveness是指回應, 用在回答上的時候則有影響跟相對應的意思)

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