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WHAT happens (INSIDE OF MIND) in MEDITATION peroid to change LIFE?

I GOT confused during the period of meditation . what is happening inside of mind. how does it changes life. irrespective of technique scientifically guide me as i am new to the process of meditation. what way visualisation imagination dreams creativity spirituality pranayama yoga conected to MEDITATION. PLEASE CLARIFY................

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    the purpose of meditation is realisation

    therefore the thing to focus on is reality, ie existence

    be still [ie, attentive] and experience existence

    it is good [useful, beneficial] to let lie before one, and thus take to heart, what is, the existence of things

    respect for reality is the beginning of wisdom

    existence is everywhere - how are you going to experience it? - by stopping focussing on things

    your essence is existence, so you cannot have an image of it in your mind, because it is not an object, it is not outside you, and it is not finite [and your mind is finite - the mind can only grasp the finite]

    do not think, do not reflect, do not imagine, leave the mind in its natural state

    do not use the mind - the mind can only search among finite things, and external things

    meditation is a sort of sinking into self, a removal or ignoring of objects of the mind, so that one can become conscious of the subject, the self, you, the infinite, the formless - existence itself

    meditation is not: to know things in the mind about existence, it is the experience of existence

    existence is also love, the sublime, the divine, the beautiful, complete fulfillment of the heart, clarity, joy, peace, meaning, energy, excitement, satisfaction

    above all, it is formless - it is not created, it is creator-stuff - it is the formless from which all forms ceaselessly pour - it has no characteristics, you cannot recognise it by characteristics, you recognise it by its lack of characteristics [characteristics are limits, limitations]

    it is like sinking into an ocean - the ocean of existence is all around us, everywhere, it is everything - but we miss experiencing it, being conscious of it, because we are looking with senses and mind at parts of the whole as if they were wholes - because the mind is finite and 'frames' parts of the whole - the mind 'creates' finity

    our whole habit of perception and conception is from the mind, the finite, the visible - we have to learn to experience in a new way, from the self, the infinite, the invisible

    you must give up seeing, mental seeing - you will not see existence - you can only see finite things - to experience the infinite, the unmeasurable, you must stop looking

    meditation is the meeting point of seeing and being

    you must try to experience that subtle experience you have been experiencing every moment of your life - your life itself - very very simple experience, very very tiny experience, very very 'easy', relaxed

    the mind will continue to chatter - do not mind it - do not fight it - just let it do its thing and pay it no mind - eventually the mind will slow down and let you experience reality - reality is like a cloud all around you, gently pressing on you

    it is joy, peace, beauty, fulfillment, complete satisfaction, love, energy, meaning, glory, radiance, stillness, nothingness that is full, sublime [ie, no adjective fits it], as simple as nothing, eternally changeless, perfect, everything

    it is what every thing in the world has - existence, infinity, sublimity, perfection, love

    you need a correct teacher to learn to experience it - a satguru, a teacher of the eternally true, a teacher of existence - sat means the changeless, the eternal, the constant

    it is the trunk of the tree of life, it is the quality of life - without it, you have only branches, only the quantity [chaos, meaninglessness] of life

    that invisible non-thing that you readily identify as you: learn to stroke that, and it purrs complete joy

    i laugh at those who search for god [=existence] as i would laugh at a fish in the ocean looking for water

    and bear in mind that all words about meditation are imperfect, imprecise, incorrect - because all words are limited concepts - all words are metaphorical of this experience, and metaphors are always only partly right, and you dont know which part is right and which part is wrong

    even truer that any words or scriptures is the blank page unwritten on - and this sublime experience is even simpler than a blank page!

    existence as a concept is boring - as an experience it is tremendous

    yet it is like a room not too hot nor too cold

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    In my experience, the basic meditation of following your breath and clearing your mind, can clear the clutter out of your mind. Just like when you clean a house after a time, you can raise dust into the air, meditation can allow some of your confusion to raise up in your consciousness. Just keep at your practice, quieting and clearing your mind so that you achieve a more focused, uncluttered thought process.

    Visualization techniques are a more specific way to focus on almost anything. My mother used such techniques to raise her white blood cell count during her radiation treatments for cancer. The doctors were amazed.

    All techniques allow you to grow toward self realization, a greater understanding of your nature and the nature of the world around you.

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    The purpose of meditation is to focus the mind on the form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the heart. Unfortunately, there are many charlatans who propagate psuedo meditation that has nothing to do with the real purpose of meditation. Many people think you should meditate on something impersonal or void or just not think of anything. These are all impractical ideas. Meditation is meant to be bring us in direct contact with the Supreme Lord. His form is vividly described in the Vedic literature and the practioner is supposed to begin his meditation on the lotus feet of the Lord and gradually raise his attention from there to the face of the Lord. This process purifies the mind and consciousness so that at the time of death the person can be transferred to the spiritual world.

    Meditation was the prescribed process of self-realization in a past age when the atmosphere and environment was conducive. But in this age, the atmosphere is very chaotic and most people are too disturbed in mind or body to really do meditation. The prescribed process for self-realization in this age is hearing and chanting the holy names of the Lord. The same benefit that was obtainable for those who meditated for many thousands of years is now available simply by hearing and chanting the holy names of the Lord. The holy names of the Lord are as spiritually potent as the Lord's direct association and by association with the transcendental sound vibration of the Lord's names our consciousness is purified and we reawaken to our eternal spiritual nature and our eternal relationship with the Lord. Fixing our minds on the transcendental sound vibration of the Lord's holy names is the recommended process of meditation in this age of Kali.

    Source(s): Bhagavad-gita As It Is.
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    What you are going through is very normal. I call it "monkey mind" and calming it can be very difficult. Even moreso if you have a neurological disorder (I am bipolar, it took a long time to learn to calm my mind). It takes practice and patience. You may also need to try various positions (laying down, sitting, etcetc). I personally found that sometimes I need a candle lit and focusing on the flame is best for me. Anytime you get off track just take a moment to breathe and center yourself. Stick with it! In time you will get the hang of it.

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    Jaiguru, the mind of a normal person is like an uncontrolled monkey jumping from one thought to another. To process all these thoughts a lot of body energy is used. Thus if your mind cease to process thoughts you will be saving a lot of body energy which can be used to cure a lot of ailments in your body. That is why a person who continues to meditate regularly even gets a nice body complexion.

    The main aim of meditation is to stop this mental chatter.

    You can get some guidance from the following sites.

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    Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings are very beneficial for someone who is just beginning. Go to (Self-realization Fellowship founded by followers years ago.) His approach was scientific and enlightening. I would highly recommend his books "Metaphysical Meditations" and "Scientific Healing Affirmations." You'll learn more from his books and suggestions because his approach was loving, highly spiritual, and scientific.

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    Slow down and "Keep It Simple Stupid" (KISS). You can only have one thought at a time going through your mind. So if you change your mind you can change your life.

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    It clears your mind to allow you to think more clearly. If this doesn't happen for you, then you need a teacher to help you.

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    If meditation is done correctly endorphines are released into the brain and you feel relaxed and "at peace" (calm).

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    always be thoughtful to d opinions of others... der are 3 sides of ne controversy... your view... d other person's view.. n d right one

    when ya mediate...der's complete silence.. ur whole body is relaxin.... so ya can ask ya self questions... your mind starts thinkin.. you listen to ur heart(most of d time)...

    so... you decide d rite thing... n dat results in changin ya life...!!!!

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