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梢╮ゅ asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


請問 thought(think) 跟 consider 有什麼不同呢?




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    thought是think的過去式和過去分詞 1.思維;思考,考慮,例句:After serious thought, he decided to accept their terms.經認真考慮,他決定接受他們的條件。2.想法;見解,例句:Please write and let me have your thoughts on the matter.請寫信讓我知道你對此事的看法。3.(常用在疑問,否定句中)意圖,打算,例句:He had no thought of hurting her.他沒想要傷害她。4.思想,思潮 5.關心,注意,例句:With no thought for his own safety, the old man went off at a run to save the drowning boy.老漢毫不顧慮自己的安全,奔去救那溺水的男孩。

    consider 1.考慮,細想,例句:I've begun to consider what to do next.我已在考慮下一步該怎麼辦。We're considering moving to Seattle.我們考慮搬往西雅圖。Please take time to consider the problem.請仔細考慮一下這個問題。2.考慮到,例句:Have you considered that he is only a little boy?你有沒有考慮到他僅僅是個小孩?His health is good if you consider his age.如果你考慮到他的年紀,他的健康狀況就算良好了。3.認為;把...視為,例句:We consider that the defendant is not guilty.我們認為被告無罪。Michael is considered an expert in computer science.邁克被認為是位電腦專家。Jean considered herself (to be) very lucky.琴認為自己非常幸運。

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  • 1 decade ago


    consider 則是比較仔細的思考,有下列四種意思:

    1. to think about sth carefully, espicially in order to make a decision

    Ex: You wouldn't consider marrying a man for his money

    2. to think of sb/sth in a particular way

    Ex: She considers that it is too early to form a definite conclusion.

    3. to think about sth, especially the feelings of other people, and be influenced by it when making a decision

    Ex: You should consider other people before you act.

    4. to look carefully at sb/sth

    Ex: He stood there, considering the painting.

    Source(s): 英英字典
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