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所以我想有沒有人可以幫我想講的事情翻譯成英文 謝謝




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    The most impressive thing for me in this summer is the place we

    visited in Hwai Lain. There were 5 of us went to this 3 days 2 nights

    trip and this is the first time for me to visit Hwai Lain.

    Since the typhoon had been there few days ago, the traffic was very

    smooth in the Su-Hwai freeway. The freeway is dangerous for driver

    and we saw a little accident happened. Fortunately, we got there safely

    and arrived at the East Coast BIZ hotel.

    The hotel we stayed wasn’t very expensive with nice service and free

    breakfast. Furthermore, we went to visit several famous places for sight

    seeing, having lots of seafood, and the well know sweet named Mai-Chi.

    This summer trip made me get to know Taiwan.

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    Content:my summer vacation the most unforgettable thing is with friend go to the Hualien played a, my ltogether 5 persons of door sits the car that the friend opens to go to, the itinerary of this 3 days and 2 nights is also I to go to a Hualien for the first time so rather happy

    Because my door sets out of the other day, have the typhoon process at the right moment, so the top of the journey is the nothing traffic jam almost, however the Suhua Highway is breathtaking really and very, the hill path has sufficient turns and twists really of, the on the way also sees other people take place to wipe to bump, O.K. my door arrived destination rather and smoothly, nearby"fine business hotel in east coast" in the Hualien city center

    This hotel price isn't very expensive, and the service is also rather good, also having already provided free self-help breakfast, this itinerary my door goes to a lot of well-known beauty spots to play to also eat a lot of delicious seafoods to still have a local famous product moichi, letting I again time of summer vacation to Taiwanese have deeper understanding everywhere


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