O.K., why doesn't Katie Couric's so-called "Free Speech" survey us about our 3 billions a year aid to Israel?

Why doesn't CBS ask our Congress why they don't survey our opinions and open a public debate on aid to Israel?

I tried my representative David Dreier and senators Boxer and Feinstein and couldn't even get them to respond to this idea.

Every taxpayer needs to demand from our representatives that they at least survey our opinions and debate openly before rubber-stamping the Israeli Lobby's request to continue our three billion dollars a year rearming of Israel that we've been doing for over 30 years.

Their indiscriminate use of our cluster bombs is still killing and maiming people in Lebanon, which recruits more suicide bombers for Hezbollah and Hamas.

Isn't this a newsworthy topic? Or is it forbidden territory for the news media??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Open a history book. The reason we send aid to Israel is because they're the only true democracy in the Middle East, they're an ally, and they're surrounded by nations and groups who publicly state that their goal is the extermination of the Israeli people.

    And some nations (like the US) have the far-out idea that Israel has the right to exist.

    Do you realize that children in many Middle East schools are taught that Jews are the products of sex with animals? That they are taught geography with maps that don't include Israel, because hopefully soon it won't be there? Rockets and mortar shells are fired indiscriminately into Israeli population centers (shopping malls, schools, hospitals) every day. Parents encourage their children to grow up to detonate bombs on school buses full of Israeli children. It is considered a proud family accomplishment to butcher as many Israelis as possible, the younger the better.

    Israel wants peace. They have made concession after concession, and the Palestinians continue murdering. Israel has withdrawn from over 90% of the land it occupied after the 1967 war, and the Palestinians continue murdering. When Israel withdrew from Gaza, what happened? The Palestinians immediately (literally within hours) began firing mortars into Israel from Gaza. Israel wants peace, and has repeatedly demonstrated this with its land concessions. Palestinians (and Iran, and Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon) to this day (yesterday, actually) reassert their belief that Israel must be destroyed, and all Israelis exterminated.

    Do you realize any of this? Probably not, since it's another thing that requires you to open a history book. Or a newspaper.

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