how is a gasoline tank truck protected from static discharge?

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    A static discharge will only cause an explosion if it occurs inside the container. If the tanker is sealed, sparks and static on the exterior will not affect the contents. Before a tanker is opened or emptied the truck is grounded to avoid the possibility of an explosion. It is grounded by bringing a conductive strap from the truck to a grounded point on the ground. A grounding point can be a any bare metallic point that is deemed as ground. Fire hydrants, ground rods (a piece of metal shoved into the Earth), etc...

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    There is usually a medal chain hanging to the floor from the back of gasoline tank truck. At least most older models do.

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    I used to work on aircrafts. Refuelling is done as follow: Aircrafts are always grounded when parked. The bowser driver grounds the truck, usually to a grounding point on the tarmac, the hose is unrolled to it's full length, the nozzle is then grounded to the aircraft, then connected to the refuelling point. Refuelling is completed and the procedure is reversed. The truck stays grounded until the hose is back in it's place. Hope this is not too confusing.

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    They usually have a ground coming from the gasoline tanker...this protects them from static discharge.

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    before the driver connects the hose he will connect a ground strap from his trailer to the coupling in the underground connector, he is supposed to anyways

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    Good question, hope you find your answer

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