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ok, now who likes ashlee simpson!?

omg! i just HATE her. she so does not know how to sing!though she was really pretty before her plastic surgury!

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    Ashlee Simpson has a much better voice then Jessica Simpson, I think Jessica Simpson's voice is to manly and annoying, and Ashlee Simpson is prettier then Jessica Simpson. And I don't think she is piggy backing off of her sister, and if people listened to her 'Shadow" song they would know that. Also to quote what she said about her 'Autobiography' song " 'Autobiography' is basically a response to people assuming I'm a Jessica clone. It's like, 'If you wanna know me, just ask me!" And yes maybe she's trying too hard to not be like her sister but I would be trying not to too if I was her, I have a lot of respect for Ashlee Simpson. And a lot of singers lip to there songs so they don't mess up, it's not Ashlee Simpson's fault her band played the wrong song. It could have happened to anyone. So people should just stop ragging on her and listen to her music, cause she is a good singer.

    Source(s): HUGH Ashlee Simpson fan. she's all I have on my Mp3 player, I listen to her for hours. (And no i'm not gay!!I just think she has a lot of talent.)
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    who cares everyone knows she sucks but she makes catchy songs and got a nose job and now she is WAY pretty...

    shes done everything she needed to stay in the spotlight which was hard to do having Jessica as a sister!

    KUDOS for her

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    Can't stand her. Only in because her sister is a celebrity. Morons are all those who below me and above me say she is awesome and full of talent...more like full of poopies! =)

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    i like ashlee simpson. she has a unique voice.

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    I can't stand either of the Simpson girls!

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    she is ok as a person but she cant sing worth a can of beans

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    do you think her

    friends are here at


    they're not

    and they're the ones

    who would really "know" her

    everyone else is just

    reacting to

    publicity stuff

    why waste your energy

    hate'n somebody you don't even know?

    she's not wasting her energy on you

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    shes a fake. the only reason shes famous is because of her sister.

  • 1 decade ago

    she´s a dump b i t ch but its has a lot of cash

  • 1 decade ago

    lol tabloids said she dyed her hair blond to look like her sis but then wen she heard that she changed it baq to black

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