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If you could classify friends into three different types, what would the be?

Please give a brief description as to each type. I'm doing a paper for school, and I want to get other people's input. Thank you.

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    Acquaintances - people I work with, know through other friends, members of committees or groups I belong to. These are people I know but do associate with outside of the confines of the source of our meeting. We are 'friendly' but not yet friends.

    Groupies - OK this is not a recognized friendship group but these at the people to me that I spend time with but would not necessarily share my deepest thoughts and hopes with nor would I want to know theirs. This is light and fun based.

    Confidants - People I share my self with who know about me and whom I know all about. These are friends in the truest sense of the word for they are not only people I share time with but people I share everything with and whom I would consider family.

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    If you could classify friends into three different types, what would the be?

    Please give a brief description as to each type. I'm doing a paper for school, and I want to get other people's input. Thank you.

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    In my school, there isn't a 'popular' group. People who try their hardest to fit in only TRULY classify other students in groups. Keep this in mind, whenever you be yourself, people of your same personality would be-friend you, and you'll have your own little group. Example: In my science class I had before June 3rd, you had different 'types' of students. In one area, we had boys who were funny played sports, got girls, and dressed nicely. Because they all had the same personality type, they made good friends. (Most people would call this type the popular group.) Also, in that same group, we had the students who did drugs and student that were gang-bangers. They were just like the 'popular' ones, but they just skipped class, and never played sports. Behind them, you had the types who were more devoted to doing the work and passing the class. They didn't really talk to the other students much and they were pretty much the opposite than the other group, but they all got along well. They helped the 'popular' ones with the work, and they'd laugh and talk too, but quietly. (People would call them nerds.) Basically, it really didn't seem like a group to me. It was mixed. Almost all of us girls got along. Finally, there were three students that sat alone, not doing any work. They seemed like the Columbine, Virginia Tech types. They skipped class, and always got into trouble. They were similar to the gang members, but they were solo. (People didn't have a name for them, but I made sure I stayed the hell away from them.) I say, whenever people get accepted into a certain 'group,' they take part in what they have in common. The popular ones play sports, and get the girls together, the nerdy ones do work together, and the crazy ones plot to shoot up the school together. However, of you're a girl and you get accepted into the group I hang with, then you're going to be beautiful, and you would LOVE to shop. We're glamorous girls.

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    Funny Friends-

    the type of people you wanna hang out with to have fun and laugh and do extreme things you would never do with other friends.

    Talkative friends-

    the friends who talk too much and all you do is listen and try to help them out. Dont really like to hang out with them too much but there great if your bored and need another person's problems to make your own personal problems look or seem little compare to theirs.

    Long-time friends-

    the friends you've know FOREVER..since you both were in baby gear. You have an intense and sacred realtionship that never can be broken cuz your so close to them that they might as well be family. you can always count on them when you need help...but you can always fight with them as if they were your sister or brother.

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    1. Real friends - those you go out with, party and cause trouble.

    2. Benefit friends - those you sleep with after you partied with category 1 friends.

    3. Best friends - these are the ones you meet, connect with on a higher level than that of category 1 or 2. These friends you fall away from and reconnect years later only to pick up as if no time has gone by.

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    Classification Of Friends

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    Intimate- You confide in this person, and share a knowledge (not physical) of each other that is extended to very few others, if any.

    Good- You enjoy this person's company. You may share interests in common and spend a lot of time with them. You are familiar with their family life and possibly romantic situations but aren't privy to their deeper feelings, thoughts or opinions.

    Casual- A classmate, associate or acquaintance. You may know somethings about them and perhaps even joke with them, but you tend to keep all topics light and congenial.

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    1. Ride or die friends - always got your back no matter what. Real friends who will never stab you in the back

    2. Sometimish Friends - Only there when they need your help. Can't depend on them for anything

    I only found 2 types , sorry

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    Well, here's how I classify friends:

    1) "Buddies"- people you hang out with and talk to sometimes. Would testify on your behalf at a trial.

    2) "Good Friends"- people you hang out with a lot, and have lots in common with. Would bail you out of jail.

    3) "Best Friends"- the friends who know all your darkest secrets, and you know theirs as well. Would be your co-conspirator in the crime.

    I hope this helps. Good luck on your paper!

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    Will technical, when u get "accepted" into a group, in this case the popular group found out what they do and who is in that group, also make sure they are doing stuff you would want to do.

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