How can there be Christian Wicca?

I've been ding some research into Wicca lately and I don't understand how there can be Christian Wicca. It seems like Wiccans don't like Christians from what I've read on Yahoo Answers. So how can there be Christian Wicca?


For those of you who say you've been in Wicca for so long, you should be able to prove it by a simple test, shouldn't you? I wasn't trying to become an expert in Wicca by reading some books, but I do know something about it now. It's easy to go on the internet and just pretend to be a witch, but it's harder to prove it.

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    Wicca is a make it up as you go along religion, so some people will toss anything in there. You are right, many Wiccans (if not most) are hostile to Christianity (or "xtianty as they spell it out of hate) to some degree or another. The anynomity of the internet allows them to show their true feelings. If they didn't hate "xtians", they wouldn't be rude to them in the first place.

    Some Wiccans combine Christianinty with Wicca much the same way people into Santeria or voodoo do so. The reason they feel they can do this is because they think all religions are true (Universalism). But to do this, ironically, they discredit the teachings of these religions, and so really they believe none of them are true. You can't combine Wicca's "Wiccan Rede" and sex rituals and promiscuity with Christianity and it's Ten Commandments or Bhuddism with its 8 commandements (8 fold path, similar to the 10 commandements). Nor could you reconcile Islam, Zoroastrianism, Sihkisim, or Christianity because each teaches they are the only way. You can't reconcile Hinduism or Shintoism with their pantheon of gods and goddesses with Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Zorastrianism that are all monotheistic.

    Here are the verses that condemn occult practices, witchcraft, etc. You'd have to ignore a huge chunk of the Bible in order to believe in "Christian Wicca".

    Genesis 35:2-4, Exodus. 20:3-5&23, 22:20, 32:8-29 (golden calf, Egyptian idol Aipis, god of nature) 34:13-14 Lev. 18:21, 19:4, 20:27, 26:1 Numbers 25:2-5 Deuteronomy 4:15-19, 4:23-29&35 4:7-9, 6:4-5, 6:14-15, 7:4-5&25-26, 8:18-20, 9:12&16, 9:20-21, 12:2-5&12, 13:30-31, 16:22, 13:6-9, 13:12-15, 17:3-5, 18:9-10 & 14(observers of times, astrologers), 27:15, 29:16-18, 26-27, 30:17-18, 31:16-17, 31:20-21, 32:12, Joshua 23:7-8 & 11 24:14-17 24:20-24, Judges 2:2-3, 2:10-15 & 19-20 3:7-8, 5:7-8 6:25-28, 8:33-34, 10:6-16, 1 Samuel 5:2-12 (Dagon) 7:3-4, 12:24, 15:23, 2Samuel 7:23-24 (Israel serves YHWH and not the gods of Egypt) 1 Kings 9:6-7(Israel punished for worshiping other gods) 11:1-10&33, 14:9&15, 14:23-24 (Pagan groves condemned), 15:12-13, 16:25-26 (vanities [KJV] = idols in Heb.) 16:31-34, 18:15-40 (Elijah defeats Pagan priests), 19:18 (Ba’al worshipers undesirable) 22:52-53 2 Kings 1:3 (consulting Pagan gods condemned) 5:13 (only YHWH is God), 10:18-28, (Ba’al worshipers condemned), 11:18 15:4 (offering incense in Pagan sacred sites condemned), 16:2-4 (Pagan practices & child sacrifice condemned), 17:7-23 (Israel punished for worshiping Pagan gods), 17:29-41 (serving both YHWH and Pagan gods condemned). 18:3-5 (turning away from Pagan gods), 19:33-35 (Pagan gods did not help Israel), 21:1-16 (Ba’al & idol worship) 21:19-22, 22:15, 23:4-20, 1 Chronicles 5:24-26, 14:12, 16:25-26, 17:20, 2Chronicles 7:19-20 13:7-10, 14:2-3, 15:16, 20:33, 21:13, 23:16-17, 24:7& 18-20, 25:14-15&20, 28:1-5, 28:22-25, 31:1, 32:13-22, 33:3-9&15, 34:3-7 & 25, Nehemiah 9:17-18, 13:1-2, Job 31:26-28 (worship of sun, moon, and stars condemned), Psalms 24:4 (vanity = idols), 31:6, 40:4 (lies =idols or false gods in Hebrew), 96:4 (YHWH comes before idols), 106:28-29 & 35-40 (their own inventions = idols), 115: 2-9, Isaiah 1:29-30, (oaks, Heb. = terebinth, places of Pagan worship), 2:18 & 20, 10:10-11, 19:3-4, 26:13-14 (idols are dead), 31:7, 36:19 (YHWH more powerful than Pagan gods) 37:19, 41:21-24 (cause = idols in Hebrew), idols are nothing, 41:29 idols are nothing, 42:8 & 17, 43:11, 44:5-6 & 9-10 & 17-22 & 24-25 (YHWH thwarts occult practices), 46:1 & 6-7 & 9, 47:9, 48:5, Jeremiah 1:16, 2:5 (vanity = idols), 2:11 (nothing gained by worshiping idols), 2:23 (Baalim pollutes)2:27-28 (idols cannot save), 4:1 (abominations = in Heb., idols) 5:7 (Pagan gods aren’t gods), 5:19, 7:6 & 9, 7:18, 7:30-32 (Tophet = a place of Pagan child sacrifice), 8:1 (worship of stars forbidden), 9:19 (vanities = idols) 10:3-5 & 8-11, 11:12-13 & 17, 13:10, 16:11 & 18-20, 18:15, 19:4-6, 19:13-15 (Tophet = place of Pagan child sacrifice)22:8-9, 25:6-7, 27:9-10 (sorcerers Heb = kashawf,people who practice magic,diviners Heb = kawsam, tells fortunes by lots or a scroll, enchanters Heb. = hawnan, a practitioner of magic), 27:18-20 (queen of heaven = Semiramis, goddess worship forbidden) 29:8, 32:28-30 & 34-35, 43:12-13, 44:3-8, &15-27 (goddess worship condemned!!) 48:6-8 & 35 (HIGH PLACES = Pagan places of worship), 50:2, 51:17-18, Lamentations 1:10 (Pagans cannot worship with followers of YHWH! ), Ezekiel 5:11, 6:3-6 & 9 & 13-14, 7:20 & 24, 8:3 & 5 8:13-17 (Tammuz worship an abomination), 11:18 & 21, 14:3-8, 16:-20 & 36, 18:12 & 15, 20:7-9, 20:16 & 18, 20:23-26 & 31-32 & 39 21:29 22:3-4 & 9(eat upon mountains = Pagan festivals), 30:13, 33:25, 37:23, 44:12-13, Daniel 3:17-18 & 28 (Daniel and his companions did not have to worship Pagan gods), Hosea 2:13, 3:1-4 (Israel’s worship of false gods likened to an unfaithful spouse) 4:12-18, 8:4-5, 10:5-8 (calves of Beth-aven = idols), 11:1-2, 13:1-4, 14:3 & 8 Amos 5:26-27, 8:14, Jonah 2:8 Micah 1:7 Nahum 1:14, Habakkuk 1:11 (Chaldean’s god is Marduk) 2:18-19, Zephaniah 1:3-5(stumbling blocks=idols), 2:11, Malachi 2:11 (Israel not to intermarry with idolaters), Matthew 4:10, Acts 15:19-20, 17:16-25, 19:24-40 (worship of Diana condemned), 17:16 & 29-30, 21:25 (Christians not to worship idols), Galatians 1:8-10 (no other path), 5:20, Colossians 3:5, Romans 11:4 1Corinthians 10 14 & 19-22 (Christians cannot worship Pagan gods and YHWH!) 10:6-7, 12:2 2Corinthians 6:14-18, (Christians not to worship with Pagans), Galatians 4:8, 1Thessalonians 1:9 2Timothy 2:20-21(idols), 1Peter 4:3 1 John 5:21, Revelations 2 14 & 20 & 24 (again, you cannot combine Paganism and worship YHVH!!!) 9:20-21 (idols & sorcery wrong)

    And also these verses from the Duterocannon:

    1 Maccabees 2:15-25( High Priest Matthias kills Pagan priest and "universalist" Jew rather than worship Zeus idol!)

    Verses that condemn occult practices

    Exod.. 22:18 (witch = kawshawf Heb. Lierally, he who whispers a spell, a sorcerer, witchcraft condemned ) Num 23:23 Duet. 4:19 (astrology condemned) 13:1-3 (psychics) 18:10-13 & 20-22 (psychics) Joshua 13:22, 1 Samuel 15:23 (witchcraft and idolatry compared to other sins) 1 Samuel 28:3-14 1 Kings 13:33 (first ordination mill, not unlike the Universal Life Church) 2 Kings 9:22 (witchcraft wrong) 4:24 (wizards, idols, familiar spirits) 1 Chronicles 10:13 Isaiah 2:6-8 (fortune tellers, idol worship condemned), 8:19-22, 29:14, 47:11-15 (astrology), Jeremiah 10:9 (work of "cunning men" condemned) Jeremiah 14:14, 23:13, 29:26-27 (people like Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard would have been put in prison) , Ezekiel 12:24, 13:7 & 9, 13:18-24 (condemns talismans; pillows and kerchiefs = amulets), 21:21-23 (false divination) 22:28, 23:7, Micah 5:12-14 (witchcraft and soothsayers) Daniel 2:7-12 (astrologers, psychics failed) Nahum 3:3-4 (witchcraft = sorcery), Zechariah 10:2 13:2 Malachi 3:5 (sorcerers) Acts 16:16-18, 19:11-19 (not everyone who calls on Jesus’ name has authority) 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 (Christians not to eat things offered to idols), 10:28, Galatians 5:20 Ephesians 5:5, James 2:19 (simply claiming to believe in a god is not enough) Rev. 21:8 (sorcerers) 22:15Verses that condemn Demons and evil spirits

    Wiccans don’t believe Satan and the devils even exist. The Bible says otherwise. Gen.3:1, 14:15 (serpent,) 4:7 (sin as a personification) 6:1-2&4 (Watchers = fallen agels, demons, the "gods of Modern Wicca") 10:8-9 (Nimrod before [Heb = against] the Lord. Babylonians thought Nimrod was a god) Lev. 17:7 (devils, satyrs Heb.="hairy demons") Deuteronomy 32:17 (devil Heb. shade, evil spirit) Judges 19:22 (wicked men compared to as sons of Belial), 2:12, 1 Samuel 10:26, 12:10, 2Chronicles 11:15 (devils = Heb saweer, literally hairy demons) Psalms Psalm 91 names several demons by name. 91:3 (terror by night = Dever), 91:5 (Hez = arrow head), v. 6 (Reshepth = pestilence, Kitev = noonday devil), 106:37 (devils= Heb. shade, evil spirit) Isaiah 13:21, 14:12-15 (Lucifer, however you chose to interpret it, is clearly against God, and an evil thing) 28:15 & 18 (death=Movet, Canaanite god of the underworld) 34:14 (screech owl=Lilith satyr, Heb. = literally hairy demon), Habakkuk 3:4-5 (pestilence = Dever, name of a demon burning coals Resheb = name of a demon) Matthew 8:16 (demons powerless against Jesus), 6:28-34 , 9;32-33, 12:24-29 (black magic cannot work against devils) 17:17-21, 25:41 (devils condemned to Hell), Mark 1:13, 1:21-34, 3:11 (even the devils fear Christ), 315 (Christians empowered to cast out devils) 3:22-27, 5:2-20 (exorcism) 7:26-30(even Pagans sought Jesus for exorcism),9:14-29, Mark 16:9 (casts 7 devils out of Mary Magdelene), Luke 4:2-13 (Satan fails to tempt Christ), 4:33-36 & 41, 7:21, 8:2, 8:27-40, 9:38-42, 10:17-20 (demons are powerless against Christians), Luke 10:18 (Satan did eventually fall. He too is a demon now) 11:14-28, 13:32 (Jesus gives authority), 22:3 (Judas demonically possessed), 22:31-32 (Satan wants to destroy humankind), John 8:44 (devil is the father of lies), John 10:20, 12:31, 13:27 (Judas demonically possessed), 16:11 (Devil will be judged), Acts 5:3-11 (Satan causes people to sin), 7:40-43, 8:7 (devils cause sickness), 8:9-24 (power of Christ cannot be bought. Simon Magus condemned). 10:38 (devil represses people), 13:6-12 (Paul more powerful than sorcerers). Romans 16:20 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 (Christians cannot keep company with idolaters) 6:9, 2Corinthians 2:11, 4:4, 11:14 (Satan can deceive), Ephesians 2:2, 4:27, 6:11-12, 2Thessalonians 2:8-9 1Timothy 4:1, 5:15 (carnal life is evil), 2Timothy 2:26, Hebrews 2:14 (devils are destroyers) James 3:15 (sins are "devilish" Gr. =daimonodes , "demon like") 1Peter 5:8 2Peter 2:4 1 John 2:13 (devil must be overcome) 2:18 & 22 (Antichrists are evil. Wicca based on Crowley’s writings) 3:8-10, 4:3-4 (Antichrists), 2John v.7, Jude v.6 & 9, Revelations 9:11, 12:3-4 & 7-17 (accuser=Satan) Chapter 13 (final Antichrist, whom Crowley was obsessed with, even claiming he was!) 14:9-11 (Beast’s followers condemned!) 18:2, 19:2 (Beast’s followers condemned) 20:1-3, (demons condemned) 20:7-10 (deceiver)

    So, that's a good chunk of the Bible you would have to ignore to be able to do it!

    Oh, and be aware many Wiccans buy fake degrees from the "Universal Life Church", such as their $20 Doctor of Divinity degree. It requires no tests and no studying, and it isn't accreditied.

    Source(s): "When you accept the parts of the Gospel you like and reject the ones you don't like, then it is not the Gospel that you love, but yourself" - - St. Augustine (Gnostic turned Christian)
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    Christian Wiccan's believe in the Triune God, in the aspect of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Mother. For the most part in mainstream Christianity, the feminine aspects of the Divine have been hidden and swept neatly under the rug; the Holy Spirit (a feminine gendered name) is never shown or acknowledged as having a gender. Throughout the Bible, history depicts Her as a dove or a golden ray of heavenly light.

    The Mother-God has been veiled in the Bible, and the books in which She is plainly present, if not dominate but the entire book, has been removed from the canonized Bible and declared heresy, and usually done so at a council of men. The male council members are not the ones who made the Trinity into a Triple Male; this was not a gender-based ploy for the spiritual changing of the guard. Instead, the fact is that the Roman Catholic Church was downplaying the female aspect of God, previously observed by all earth-oriented religions worldwide.

    The worship and adoration of the Goddess was equated with Pagans and earth-based religions. The word Pagan comes from the Latin paganus meaning: "country dweller," indicating a farmer. Contrary to what many fundamentalist Christians and equally narrow-minded Pagans, the term Pagan does not mean anti-Christian. A likewise slanderous word is Heathen, which is a term that came from the farmers who lived on the heath, or the flat lands of Europe.

    To read more of this article click link below.....

    If you still want more info click links below...

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    Most Wiccans don't have a problem with Christians, although you will get some who have had bad experiences with Christianity before and are kinda taking those experiences out on Christians. But usually they grow out of it.

    I always thought that Christian Wicca was a contradiction in terms personally. It actually seems closer to being Christianity that's a bit more Earth-based and reveres the feminine principle as well as the male. I wouldn't call it Wicca though.

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    I wouldn't get that type of info from this place. The only thing in that which would really contradict is if the Wiccan practiced witchcraft, which, of course, goes against the Bible. It's a common misunderstanding that all Wiccans practice witchcraft. They do not.

    The general teachings are not different in meaning. They're only different in their wording. And I don't really see why some people get upset over the Christian Wiccan label. Christianity already has Pagan DNA.

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    Are Wiccans Satanists?

    It is a common error to accuse Wiccans of worshiping Satan. Wiccans do not acknowledge the existence of Satan the way Christians do. "Since the rise of Christianity, witches have been accused of worshiping Satan. This misconception remains alive even in modern times. In reality Wiccans/Witches do not subscribe to Judaic-Christian theology, do not recognize the existence of Satan, and therefore would have no reason to worship him."1 Therefore, if you were to ask a Wiccan if he worshiped Satan, he would say no.

    However, from the Christian perspective we would conclude that the theology behind Wicca is not from God and that it is ultimately authored from Satan. Furthermore, Christians would assert that the God and Goddess worship offered by Wiccans is in reality an offering to the devil himself. From the Christian perspective, this would mean that Wiccans were worshiping Satan. But we must not confuse this with the idea that the Wiccans are knowingly or purposefully worshiping a being known as Satan. They do not do that.

  • I think that term refers more to christians taking in the nature part of wicca, an all connected view point.

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    Hello,I would say that no Wiccan can be a Christian. The word Wicca comes from the Old English word meaning male witch. God is against witchcraft. This does not mean a Wiccan can't turn away from this life and be forgiven. to find out what God says about witches,and witchcraft go to use Quick search type in witch in NIV bible quick search. God Bless!

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    Its more Gnostic related Christian Wicca I believe. Of course it makes more sense being Eclectic Wiccan and incorporating some Christian beliefs, but really who are we to judge anothers beliefs, that's why most of us left our monotheistic backgrounds to begin with.

    Source(s): LIfe.
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    Well, since all religions are just stuff made up by people to satisfy their own wants and needs, christian wicca is as valid as any other religion. Heck, christianity itself is just a combination of jewish monotheism with a messianic leader added to all the organizational garbage "church" leaders have added over the years. It's all completely made up, so whatever anybody makes up is just as good as anything else somebody else made up :)

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    Christian Wicca sounds like an oxymoron to me.

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