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I am new here in seattle, i am hispanis,from venezuela,but why people here thing every latin people is from m?


actually,i dont like mex music(respect for mexican people)i am looking at place have music from colombia,venezuela,salsa,mereguengue and food,i am tired for tacos


duante look your self,so you are a beaner too..ja ja ja i.d.i.o.t

Update 2:

i am agree with you ortega

Update 3:

is true about asian people,i used to say chines people now not anymore,becauses happens to me

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    It's because most latin people are from mexico. And mexico is on the border, so many people are ignorant and just call all latinos "mexicans"

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    It's called IGNORANCE! It's shameful, I know. My mother says the same stupid thing all the time about Mexicans and I always urge her to choose her words more carefully, since not everyone of Hispanic descent is Mexican. She does the same thing with Asians...she thinks they are all Vietnamese.

    Stupid, stupid people.

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    because they're ignorant fools

    move to New York and they'll call you Puerto Rican

    move to Florida and they'll call you Cuban

    anywhere else in the USA you're Mexican

    simply because that's the closest to us and we share a long border and that's where most of us beaners sneak in anyway!!!

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    If you go to the closest Taco Bell your people will greet you with open arms and ask you "Can I take your order ?"

    then the will ask "would you like a "meal deal ?"

    I suggest a stuffed grilled burrito


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They make fun of you because you're a beaner and there's no other mexz up in Washington.

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    everywhere ur gonna go in the US everybody is gonna think ur mexican because we dont wanna waste time and call u "latino or Hispanic" mexican is much faster and duh, everyone not white, black, asian in the us is basically mexican

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