Name some Famous Twins please?

Anybody from actors to musicians, like the Madden twins in good charlotte, preferably recent, between 18-30? Lol please heeelp!


lemme add, MALE twins please?

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    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

    Paige and Ryanne Kettner

    Tia and Tamera Mowry,

    Pier Angeli and Marisa Pavan,

    Shawn and Aaron Ashmore,

    Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan

    Alanna and Gennelle Dedek,

    Melissa and Rachel Dennis,

    Henry and William Deutschendorf,

    Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush

    Bruce and Seth Hall, American actors

    Deidre Hall and Andrea Hall,

    Bryan and Denny Kirkwood,

    Sabrina and Erika Krievins,

    Jason and Jeremy London -

    Krystle and Tiffany Mataras,

    James and Oliver Phelps

    Giovanni Ribisi and Marissa Ribisi,

    Daryl and Evan Sabara,

    Alicia and Annie Sorell,

    Dylan and Cole Sprouse

    Don and Dan Stanton,

    Jennifer and Michele Steffin

    Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit played Nicky and Alex Katsapolis

    Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh

    Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński,

    Music twins

    Natalie and Nicole Albino, members of Nina Sky.

    Gayle & Gillian Blakeney

    Brenda and Federica Brancato,

    Marziano Pasticcione"

    Kelley and Kim Deal, musicians,

    Brittney and Bridget Fuentes of Triple Image.

    Lamb and Lynx Gaede,


    Lukasz and Pawel Golec,

    Matt and Luke Goss - .

    Monica and Gabriela Irimia

    Ryan and Gary Jarman

    Ellen and Alice Kessler, a.k.a. the Kessler Twins (Kessler Zwillinge) -

    Evan and Jaron Lowenstein,

    Edele and Keavy Lynch

    Benji and Joel Madden,

    Gunnar and Matthew Nelson

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen,

    Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, .

    Charles and John Panozzo, Styx

    Güher and Süher Pekinel,

    Tegan and Sara Quin,

    Sharon and Denise Ramella,

    Craig and Charlie Reid,

    Toni and Trisha Sherwood,

    Janice and Jill Vidal,

    Chandra and Leigh Watson,

    would u also like to know their bday and where they are from i took my time now gimmie some points

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    Cole+Dylan Sprouse

    MaryKate+Asley Olsen

    Tia+Tamara Mowry

    Joel+Benji Madden

    Jenna+Barbra Bush

    Roxxi+Phoebe Bratz Dolls

    Alanis+Wade Morissette

    Aaron+Angel Carter

    Ashton+Micheal kutcher

    The Bush Twins

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    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

    Cole and Dylan Sprouse

    Brittany and Cynthia Daniel (from Sweet Valley High)

    Tiki and Ronde Barber (football players)

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    Jacob and Esau--Biblical Bunker, Cheng and Eng--conjoined twins from Siam Canseco, Jose and Ozzie--major league baseball players Davis, Ann B.--actress, played Alice on "The Brady Bunch" Elway, John--professional football player Gibb, Robin and Maurice--singers, Bee Gees Hall, Deidre--actress Liberace--twin died at birth Morissette, Alanis--singer Mowry, Tia and Tamera--actresses, star in "Sister Sister" Nelson, Gunnar and Matthew--singers Olsen, Mary Kate and Ashley--actresses Pollack, Jackson--painter Presley, Elvis--singer; twin died at birth Sutherland, Kiefer--actor Tsongas, Paul--politician Van Buren, Abby and Ann Landers--advice columnists Wilder, Thornton--playwright

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    Cole and Dylan spouse

    Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen

    Tia and Tamara Morey

    Joel and Benji madden

    Aaron and Angel Carter

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    MaryKate+Ashley Olsen

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    1. Tia and Tamara Mowry

    2.Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

    3. The guys from "Sweet Life of Zack and Cody"

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    Fallon and Falisha 4m Cherish.Tia -n- Tamara 4m Disney Channel n Sprouse twins.Mary Kate -n- Ashley

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    Chang and Eng, the famous Siamese Twins.

    Venus and Serena Williams are not twins. Sisters, but not twins.

  • Dylan and Cole Sprouse

    Tia and Tamara Mowry

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