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Who should I start at WR this weekend Reggie Williams, Marques Colston, or Jevon Walker?

All are facing hard Ds, Reg WIlliams facing the Colts, Mar. Colston is facing The Falcons and Jev. Walker is facing the Pats.

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    Go with Walker, anything on the wire, Berrian/Cotchery?

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    Of the 3 i would say jevon walker would be your best choice. The Pats have a great run stopping defense, but their secondary is young for the most part and inexperienced. Jevon walker is still a top receiver and should put up a great game in a pass happy broncos offense this week.

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    I have three more questions;

    Who's Reggie Williams?

    Who's Marques Colston?


    Who's Jevon Walker?

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    Out of those 3 look for Williams to have the best game.

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    Reggie Williams because tha jags have had good games vs tha colts and Byron Leftwitch will have a good game

  • okeson
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    4 years ago

    dude you will desire to settle for this one... think of approximately it new orleans is a passing team.... how do u think of drew bress grow to be passing it to whilst he have been given all of thoes yards... and the cowboys are solid and all yet there all little greater balanced whilst it is composed of working the ball and passing the ball. and additionally new orleans has the best QB fanatsy clever interior the league... and seem on the RB cowboys have marion barber... and new orleans has perre thomas and regiie bush a greater of a reciever then working lower back

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    JAvon Walker is a must start.

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