Acid Reflux & Difficulty Swallowing.?

I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux when I was 15 (I'm now 20) and I've had trouble swallowing since about 15 too. The doctor told me that it was probably also due to the Acid Reflux so I was given medication and sent on my way.

That didn't help and I am now 20 and my swallowing and acid reflux is just as bad as ever, so bad that sometimes I actually choke on the food and can't breathe and have to force myself to cough it back it. It's nearly gotten to the point where I am even scared to try to eat therefore I eat small portions throughout the day with a drink near by to help it go down.

I have also stopped eating out in public because of this for the fear that something may happen and I'll end up making a scene in front of a bunch of strangers.

Does anyone know what I should do? I've been back to the doctor [two different doctors] and they both have said the same thing.

Any help?

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    All of this sounds like what has been going on with me for numerous years.

    I have recently solved the problem with a simple solution. I thought I was allergic to yeast or wheat and stopped it all. My throat would constrict until I was frightened. I also had unbelievable acid reflux..

    Through the Internet I have searched to try to solve the problem. My symptoms all come up under Candida. (Google and read about it) But the solution is colon cleansing. Your bowels do not empty fully and get coated and we get sick from the problem. If your bowels do not empty daily, your stomach is staying full too long and the acid from your stomach is backing up into your throat for acid reflux. After that came the allergy and throat constriction problems.

    I am drinking a fiber Like Citrusil(from the Pharmacy) in juice every morning and night before bed. I am also taking a stool softener about three or four times a week. Eating dried plums and drinking prune juice will help with this problem also. All of these are natural solutions and should cause no problems at all.

    In just the first week my throat problems went away and my acid reflux along with a ton of other allergic symptoms. My digestion is perking along. Thanks to a simple solution.

    Please give it a try , It can't hurt and you will feel better. Try to eat as healthy as possible.

    Good Luck.

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    It's amazing the number of young people diagnosed with acid reflux. My daughter (now 22) was diagnosed last year after several hospital stays, heart tests and uncomfortable, embarrassing exams.

    You didn't say what med you're on but the one my girl is on is aciphex (can I post this?) It takes a long time to start working and is quite expensive but does the job. She also takes pepcid.

    You should find a doc who will work with you and prescribe the treatment you need. I realize they don't come cheap but it would be worth for the relief you need. Your not being able to swallow is caused by stomach acid eroding the esophageal tissue. Your docs should have told you that and offered you treatment.

    Good luck and take care.

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    basically my understanding of not being able to swallow as explained to me was that when i lie down and sleep the acid is like flowing up towards my throat creating a very stiff and swollen feeling that i usually get. So i'm assuming that because of the irritation the acid is providing on your throat, it is swollen and therefore making it difficult to swallow?

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    An ear nose and throat doc can look down your throat and check to see if everything is ok. It could be a Hiatal hernia. Peace of mind would be worth going. They might schedule a barium swallow....yummy:)

    Good luck

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    I think you have two options here. Either you go back to your doctor and demand to see a specialist or present yourself at casualty as you would have to be seen by a doctor there and would more likely to be seen by a specialist. I would do the casualty thing as you obviously can't go on like this.

    GP's don't always get it right.

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