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鬥魚Till the end(于皓之愛 )~中文~歌詞

鬥魚Till the end(于皓之愛 _陳偉達)的中文歌詞 網路上都是只有英文歌詞誰能幫忙翻成中文歌詞~~

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    Till the End直到永遠

    All these precious moments, With you by my side

    在這些珍貴的時刻 有你陪伴在我身邊

    Must be a gift from heaven, That's holding me all night

    必定是天堂來的禮物 整晚擁抱著我

    I don't know how I found you, I'm thankful that I have

    我不知道我是怎麼找到你的 但我很感激我找到了你

    Now that I have a love so true, To hold, to keep, to share

    而現在我是愛的那麼真 為了擁有、保留和分享

    *In my heart I can no longer hold inside


    All of the love I used to hide


    I'll always be with you until the very end


    In this world there is no place I'd rather be


    You are my life, my soul, my girl


    And through it all I know


    That "you've" come to see that you're the one till the end

    直到永遠 你都是我的唯一

    All my friends around me, Say you'd be gone too soon


    Baby I'm gonna make them see

    寶貝 我會讓他們知道

    We've found our way back home


    We'll always be till the end


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