help i need to know what two astronauts were born in ohio?

ill give out tn points for the firtst crrect anser

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    Ohio is home to 24 astronauts. Why so many? Perhaps it's because two great role models, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong, are from Ohio. Perhaps it's because Ohio is the birthplace of flight. Maybe it's the schools or the good-old midwestern work ethic. We're not exactly sure why we have so many, but Ohioans are proud of our astronauts!

    Ohio Astronaut Biographies

    Armstrong, Neil A.

    Bassett, Charles A., II

    Cameron, Kenneth D.

    Currie, Nancy J.

    Eisele, Donn F.

    Foreman, Michael J.

    Gernhardt, Michael L.

    Glenn, John H., Jr.

    Good, Michael T.

    Harbaugh, Gregory J.

    Henize, Karl G.

    Hennen, Thomas J.

    Henricks, Terence T.

    Lovell, James A., Jr.

    Low, G. David

    Overmyer, Robert F.

    Parise, Ronald A., Ph.D.

    Resnik, Judith A.

    Sega, Ronald M.

    Thomas, Donald A.

    Walz, Carl E.

    Weber, Mary E.

    Williams, Sunita L.

    Ohio-affiliated Astronauts

    Bluford, Guion S., Jr - Resides in Ohio

    Brown, Mark N. - Resides in Ohio as the head of the Space Division office of General Research Corporation in Dayton, Ohio

    Haise, Fred W., Jr. - Worked at NASA Glenn as a research pilot from 1959 - 1963

    Hobaugh, Charles O. - graduated from North Ridgeville High School in North Ridgeville, Ohio, in 1980

    Kregel, Kevin R. - Named honorary Ohio citizen before STS-70

    Linnehan, Richard M. - Received the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985

    Morin, Lee M. E. - Gradutated from the Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, in 1970

    Musgrave, Story - Received a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry from Marietta College in 1960

    Springer, Robert C. - Considers Ashland, Ohio, his hometown

    Sullivan, Kathryn D., Ph.D - Resides in Ohio and serves as the President and CEO of COSI - Ohio's Center Of Science and Industry

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    John Glenn is one. And the first guy to walk on the moon...I can't remember his name at the moment.

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