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i want know some thing about the north of America?

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    Everything north of Chicago is unexplored, uninhabited wilderness area that scientist have speculated for decades has been the home of ice age creatures. Some have set out to make maps and capture species, but no one has ever returned. It's a very dangerous place.

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    Maple syrup looks some thing human beings frequently do. Our ice wines are growing around the international universal. Ice wine the grapes are harvested at -10 C. It takes more advantageous grapes and produces a sweeter wine. we've continually been prevalent for whiskey as well. as far as confection is going, i imagine the international has merely about been starbucksed.

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    Ummmm.... its near Canada, but not quite there.

    Canada is much better than the north of america.

    Learn more about canada. The States suck.

  • well it's in the north

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    What you need to know.

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    It's damn cold.

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