HOw should women protect themselves against rapists?

Should they carry a stun gun, mace, a whistle or a real gun??

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    Whistle or panic button is a good idea. The problem with carrying mace, a taser, or a gun is the very real possibility that the rapist can and will take it away from you. Now you have a rapist that can mace, shock, or shoot you. Remember, rape is a crime of violence, so chances are if he gets the weapon away from you he'll use it on you. Personally, I'm a big fan of the local law enforcement offering free hand-to-hand combat classes for women of all ages...

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    The fastest growning group of gun owners is women. There is no reason for mentally healthy women to live in fear.

    See the local NRA group, certified teachers will teach you about gun safety, laws involving self defense with guns, and help you learn to shoot well, which is a prerequisite for a carry permit in those states which allow it.

    Then, get the permit and carry legally.

    A few years ago, a female health practitioner testified before Congress in hearings on gun control, that she lived alone in a two story house.

    One night, she was woken by noises of people in her downstairs rooms, clearly they had entered illegally, and were rummaging through her stuff.

    She took her M-16 (it might be called AR-15 in civilian version, I am not sure,but most folks still call it an M-16), and racked it.

    That means she pulled back the bolt, then released it, which automatically picks up a bullet and installs it into the chamber, ready to fire.

    Racking a semi-automatic weapon makes a distinct sound, which cannot be mistaken for any other sound that I have ever heard.

    The burglars also recognized that sound in the dark. They screamed with fear and jumped out windows and ran off.

    Without a shot being fired.

    If she had been unarmed, what are the chances they would have raped her? I'd say pretty high.

    For urban dwellers, I actually recommend a pump 12 gauge shotgun, military style, they are lethal if one has to shoot within 25 yards, and much safer for neighbors. A pump shotgun also has a distinct sound easily recognized by most burglars, even if it is different sound than an M-16

    But, with the original ammo, VN war style, M-16 bullets also usually becomes harmless as soon as it passed through anything, even dry wall, because the soft bullet fragments very easily, even on drywall, etc.

    Newer M-16 ammo will penetrate better, thus is less safe in cities, and also has less kill power since it passed through a body in one piece.

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    I think this is lies, it's like the author went and asked some convicted rapists why they did it. It is probably an example of quote proofing, where you decide on a point then find a source prove your point, you can take things out of the context of conversation and make them sound how you want. Example of quote proofing a man says "So you are implying sometimes you might rape someone: you can go to a prostitute instead" when challenged by the author of this article the author then removes the first four words leaving "Sometimes you might rape someone: you can go to a prostitute instead." Technically that leaves her with an accurate quote but due to the removal of the start basically it is the exact opposit of the intended communication. As a man, I've never felt the urge to force myself on anyone, I hope I am normal when I say part of the satisfaction I get from sex is pleasuring the other person involved and them wanting sex with me. I have in the past as a young lad had sex with a prostitute in a country where it is legal (after several beers with a friend in a strip club we went to a licensed brothel down the same road). I am not against prostitution and believe it is safest for everyone involved when it can take place in licensed secure establishments. A better argument for the legalisation of prostitution is the number of street hookers murdered compared to brothel staff. One man in England murdered several street prostitutes in a matter of months a few years back. Murder in a brothel is unheard of here though. Driving this kind of thing underground pushes it into the domain of criminals. Not all men are potential rapists, far from it. I think the majority of people are good hearted full stop and that is why we have laws against rape, because the majority know it is wrong and should be punished severly, if the majority thought it was normal it would not be against common law. There may be a few men out there that actually believe your quote though and I worry for the safety of those around them. On the whole it seems to be the principle of man haters that think that we are base primitive beings with no morals.

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    Everything on your own body can be used as a defense weapon. Fingers jabbed into the eyes hurts REALLY bad. Throwing your entire body into the guy means whatever you weigh plus the force you exert = say a 120lbs of beef slammed up against him. Dogs do this all the time when they're playing or upset. They'll do a basic body slam and knock you over.Put your keys on a long dog choke collar chain. Swing the keys in a circle around your body for protection. A chunk of metal whipped at a high speed is very painful.These are just a few techniques.They used to sell mace with flourecent paint to mark the mans face. A double whammy to back someone off.

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    1 decade ago

    I would personnaly suggest a sword, but that's difficult to carry around without being noticed...

    So I would have to suggest:

    1) Stun Gun: Hit the scumbag when it hurts and that should keep him down long enough for you to get to a safe distance.

    2) Mace: Very painful and very effective; I doubt the scumbag will have enough vision left after being sprayed to keep stalking you!

    3) Real Gun: Alot of these scumbags are already armed themselves so unless you know how to use a hand gun, this could proove to be a double edged weapon...

    I would suggest blunt or bladed weapons over firearms, but you need to know how to use them. A concealed knife or dagger works wonders at getting a potential rapist UNinterested in you!


    PS: Rapists should be sent to prison where they themselves should be raped and abused!

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    First, always try to stay closer to people you know very well. Do not go where you are not familiar or zones you do not frequent. Use your instincts all of the time most of them appear to be good looking and harmless. Appear confident that you know something to protect yourself. If possible learn the basic technics of depending yourself. Dress moderately that shows nothing to suggest an invitation except to your targeted boyfriend.

    Any loud noise that will definitely attract attention will be helpful but some times there are people who are afraid to meddle. Look to the internet for the possible presence of offenders in your neighborhood and your immediate vicinity. or to any place you think you will be. Your cell phone can be a good one for calling 911 and your whereabouts being traced so. place it in your body where it cannot be easliy taken away from you.

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    use common sense and not put themselves in a situation where they can become victims.

    i.e get too drunk, be alone in a dark and/ or desolate place, don't use your sexuality to manipulate any man, know the difference between a compliment and harassment and most important, never hesitate to kick a guy in the nads if he comes too close without your consent.

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    Don't be in a "vulnerable situation", either by use of intoxicating things as drugs, drinks or Don't stay alone with people with whom Ur uncomfortable and don't trust.

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    1 decade ago

    I would carry some reall good pepper spray, and a pistol. It would also be good to take up karate classes or other classes for self defence.

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