How can I re-plant an olive tree branch in a flower pot?

Do I have to select a special part of the branch, shoot etc? How long should it take to grow roots?

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    It sounds like from your question you want to root a shoot and grow it indoors. To do this you need to cut off a few shoots that are first year growth with as little wood as possible. Take about 5 or 6 shoots just to make sure you get one that works.

    Next get some rooting hormone (dust or gel will work) as long as it's the correct strength. I would recommend .08 active ingredient. Generic RooTone is .02 and wouldn't be strong enough. Your better Lawn and Garden Centers should have a variety of strengths. Too weak and it won't root--too strong and the end will callus (like plant scar tissue) instead of root.

    Dip the bottom 1/2" into the gel or dust (if it's dust, snap the shoot with your finger to knock off excess dust) and then put it into individual pots filled with vermiculite or seeding mix. These two (especially vermiculite) are sterile to reduce your chance of disease.

    Mist the leaves 2-4 times a day. The only way the plant can get water is through the leaves because it has no roots. The growth medium should be kept moist but not soggy. After a few weeks pull one out and see if it has any roots starting to form. Keep doing this until you see roots.

    Once you have a good start to a root system start to put more water in the pot and mist the leaves less. You have to "teach" the roots to take up water. Once you are to the point where you're not misting the leaves and the roots are doing the job you can use a liquid fert like miraclegrow at half strength. Don't use it full strength until you are ready to repot it in actual potting soil. That's it. A lot of work but there are no shortcuts except to go buy one.

    Source(s): OSU degree in horticulture
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  • 1 decade ago

    I've never tried to plant cuttings from an olive tree, but generally it is pretty simple. Just cut a small (about 2ft) branch that is healthy and stick it in your pot. Like any other plant, make sure to water it regularly, keep it at the proper temperature, give it plenty of sunlight, and fertilize it, with either a pellet type fertilizer or liquid plantfood such as miracle grow. It usually takes a while for it to establish a root system, probably about 1 or 2 months. During this time it does not grow much, because it uses all its energy making roots. Once it does this, it should start producing leaves and more woody growth.

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