what does it mean to refinance a house?

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    To get a new loan, a lower rate, and a new time period in which to pay off your loan. This usually results in lower monthly payments, but remember your time frame has been reset.

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    If you have a current mortgage on your home and you need to lower your interest rate or get additional cash from your equity, you can refinance. That means applying for a mortgage loan that will pay off your current mortgage to obtain those results. You will probably have to pay closing costs, which can be incorporated into the new loan, but then the principle amount of the mortgage will be higher.

    If you just need cash, and you have equity, you may be able to get a 2nd mortgage or a home equity loan. They are cheaper, but then you have an additional loan to pay off.

    Be sure before you refinance that the costs are worth the effort.

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    Refinancing means paying off any liens against the property and sometimes getting cash back by taking out a new loan for an amount sufficient to payoff the existing home liens, paying the loan costs, and getting the amount of cash back desired.

    The previous loans are paid in full, their liens re conveyed (removed) and the new lien holder's lien put on the title to the property.

    Refinancing make sense it the homeowner can accomplish one of the following goals:

    Lower the rate of interest being paid on the debts securing the liens against the property

    Shorten the overall loan term thereby lowering the total interest to be paid

    Increase cash flow by paying off other debts at higher interest rates.

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    people refi for a variety of reasons, however the two most common ones are; lower their interest rate OR get cash out. some people who have a primary and a secondary loan will usually refi in order to combine the two and settle for one monthly payment, rather than two. people who originally buy houses sometimes do with rather poor credit and are hit with undesirable rates. if these people rebuild their credit after a couple years or so, they refi to take advantage of their better credit in order to score a better rate. others who had good credit originally, sometimes fall on hard times and need cash. so a cash out refi is essentially refinancing your current loan, sometimes with a spike in the rate due to mismanaged credit, and get some cash out from the equity in their homes that have accrued since they bought it. they can, in turn, pay off all debts, increase their score again, and then refi again to reduce the rate.

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  • It means you're taking out a new loan (presumably at a lower interest rate) to pay off an older loan....

    Used either to reduce the interest payments or other times to get money out of the house to use for improvements, etc...

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    Essentially it means getting another mortgage. It is usually used to consolidate debts and move to a mortgage arrangement that is not going to cost you as much as what you were paying before. It lets you use the value of your current house and what you have already paid off in order to fund other projects or pay off debts.

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    It's a way to lower your monthly payment but you are extending the loan time. Sometimes you can qualify to get some money in your pockets too.

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    Changing your loan terms usually by lowering your interest rate and/or length of loan.

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    2nd mortgage. based on the equity you have in the home.

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