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we checked out a few of the sites sent to us by you folks?

but are still going ask on here as well ,, if anyone has or knows of anyone that has either a pup or a pug of any age that needs a good home with lots of love please let us know we live in the northern Al area thanks agian


yes we have checked out a few of them around the country and we are just trying to cover all the bases

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    go to is a site for rescue groups.....just enter your Zip code, and be AMAZED at how many great choices you have !!.....i adopted a Great Pyrenees mix from them, and my dog Sylvester is awesome !!.....check it out.....try a good deed.....adopt a Pug today !!!.....good luck to you, in your search for a Pug !!!!

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    Hi...I am in Lower Alabama...have you tried the Alabama Pug Rescue in Pelham?????? Anytime you opt for a rescue, you are getting a wonderful pet. Generally the original owners could not take care of the dog, or they were forced to surrender the pet because it needed a better home. I am not all thta familiar with anyone personally in the Northern AL area, but I would really consider contacting the pug Rescue in AL...Good Luck...they are great dogs!!!

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    Please consider checking out a Pug rescue agency there are quite a few all over the country and many will ship the dog to you. That way you can save a life & get a great purebred dog that has been well socialized, loved & who has had top of the line vet care!

    Source(s): A lifetime of loving & raising precious toy breed dogs!!
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    I dont know if this will help or not but try looking on the net for a rescue group that works with just pug's. If you want a dog that loves you, get a rescued dog.

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