does the pope trying to become a martyr for the Christian faith?

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    Of course not. The pope is not trying to become a martyr for the Christian faith. It is Muslims who seek to become martyrs (shahid) for their faith.

    The pope and other non-Muslims love the beautiful world, plants and animals that God created. The pope and other non-Muslims seek to live a long and fruitful life glorifying God and enjoying the love of family, friends and pets. The fruit of the Christian spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, meekness, temperance and faith.

    It is the pope's duty to dispel the delusion that Islam is a peaceful religion (except under the circumstance that all non-Muslims are converted or killed to rid the world of fitnah). (Quran 8:39)

    Christians became martyrs when they refused to convert to Islam. Manuel II Paliaologos, the Byzantine Emperor whose discourse was quoted by Pope Benedict, was overrun by Muslims and had to pay the jizyah (submission tribute) to avoid being killed. Between 1379 and 1402 Byzantium had paid 690,000 hyperpyra (or 345,000 ducats) to the Ottomans.

    The pope said in his own words, "Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul."

    At his weekly audience in St Peters Square on Wednesday, September 22, the pope said, "I wished to explain that not religion and violence but religion and reason go together," he said.

    Pope Benedict has invited the ambassadors of Muslim countries at the Vatican, as well as leaders of Italy's own Muslim community, to a meeting on Monday at his summer palace.

  • What do you mean? If you are trying to ask if the Pope is trying to martyr himself for the Christian faith- I think being the Pope is martyr enough, he doesn't have to try.

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    properly, i do no longer understand the variety you need to be "referred to Catholic" and not open a bible until eventually your 20's! Your question seems such as you're assuming that Catholics do no longer examine the bible in any respect! we've the recent testomony to boot. The "greater" books have been interior the bible and bumped off with the aid of Luther because of the fact he had to alter something to make himself non-Catholic! Your first mistake is blindly accepting the Catholic faith, Your 2nd. mistake grew to become into leaving earlier you knew why you have been leaving. It seems such as you have been made to circulate to Church as a newborn, grew up and away out of your Catholic faith and now, as an person, you're making use of your person strategies to question the religion you maximum possibly found out interior the 2nd or third. grade, on the main as a 9th. grader at affirmation. How lots interest did you pay to the affirmation classification? Did you even visit classification? i'm happy you're exploring your faith, there is a lot to study! i'm additionally happy which you're attempting to understand the Catholic faith as an person, you would be suprised on the failings you neglected! Get a duplicate of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it supply you the guidelines of the religion alongside with the Scriptural references. in case you do no longer even understand the Communion of Saints, and the place our custom comes from, you extremely have not got lots of an thought what the Catholic Church is, definately no longer adequate to criticize it. keep an open strategies, and study the Catholic faith from Catholics after which you will get the solutions on your questions! in simple terms swap on EWTN on your television in case you get it, they have some extremely stable classes that answer those questions. Peace be with you and God Bless!

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    No he is not. The goofy Muslims who try to prove they are not a violent religion by rioting in the streets and killing nuns are always trying to be martyr's for their faith.

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    Shalom. My appreciated friend. Faith it is based in one triune God the Father, Son, Holly Spirit, If this person adores also images it do not meet the Scriptures of the Old Testament neither the New.

    In conclusion the Pope is not a Christian in the Scriptural sense of the Word of God the Bible! neither can be a martyr of the Christian faith! see this

    Marcos Brodsky Israel

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    The catholic religion dose not believe in martyrdom. Besides that he is not, he was speaking of fact and truth. Sorry if it is offending to anyone but it is a factual event that was being quoted.

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    You mean is he trying to provoke the enemies of Christianity into killing him? No.

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    I think old George Bush is making him feel left out.He wants some action too.

    So he wants to be labelled an idiot ,stupid , crazy ,no good ,self centred monkey!

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    The pope is an idiot!

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    No he just wanted people to not fight

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