Can anyone give me some tips for low carb dieting?

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    I'm following my diet from this great site:

    You have to log in butit's totally free and you can plan your meals and have all the info, on carbs, proteins, fat, calories and so much more

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    first, make sure it is the right diet for you. not everyone does well on a lo-carb diet.

    second, don't think of it as a diet but as a lifestyle. it is not something you do for a couple months and then stop.

    you start with low carbs and add them back in a little at a time; some people can get back to an almost normal american diet (the more exercise you do, the more carbs you can eat). however, you really need to be ready to cut out starch heavy meals. you will have the most success if you add back high-fiber, low starch carbs - veggies like broccoli, fruits like apples and berries. from my own experience, adding carbs like wheat (even whole grain) and potatoes, bring weight loss to a crashing halt and trigger crazy cravings.

    make sure you get plenty of water. some people get constipated easily on lo-carb diets. usually from eating too much cheese and not enough high-fiber veggies.

    make sure you don't lose weight too quickly. this is easy to do on lo-carb but isn't healthy. if you are getting dizzy or fatigued, eat some more veggies.

    make sure you get a wide variety of foods. lo-carb diets kill your appetite completely. it is easy to forget to eat, which is not healthy. eating a variety of foods will keep you interested in eating and help you get needed vitamins.

    also, this is not a diet to attempt half-heartedly. read about it first. there are lots of books out there. atkins, protein power, sugarbusters. also check out on-line support groups.

    best of luck!

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    obviously - no potatoes, no pasta - what's good ist RICE - in any variation. Best to eat is a "separate diet" - never eat carb and protein together. combine carb + veggie or fruit OR protein with veggies... that worked for me - have fun!

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    dont carbs have nothing to do with loseing weight calories do

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    Basically, don't eat anything white - rice, potatoes, sugar, pasta, bread

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