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  • 1 decade ago
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    How do you do: The talent very glad to have such a chance to participate in the election of your company selects. It come from family every one ordinary in Taizhong the I one name XXX.. It is often full of laughs though family is not very rich. So bring up my optimistic individual character . Get to know a lot of intimate friends in course of growing up. Learn much experience from others' body too. Made great decision for one life even more last year. Marry and give birth to babies.. Now baby already like smiling very much and to be very lovely 5 more than months.. And it is interesting that it is more vivid that the marriage lets my life change.

    Popularity that it has very to be heavy Taiwan.. It want I personnel that need with high service quality..

    The working attitude of this and me is perfectly in harmony or agreement without previous consultation ...It expect very much Yes, enter company serve.. The ones that thank you are definite

    Source(s): 請參考 M.M
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