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    This article goal mainly is establishes the non-destructiveness to

    plant the object electricity impedance the gauging method, carries

    on its resistance modified impedance characteristic gauging take

    the apple as the test object to confirm plants the object electricity

    impedance gauging the basic construction and the feasibility.

    At present is take the computer continually line number position

    oscilloscope as the main measuring means, in the future hoped

    can overcome at present picks up the card using the LabVIEW

    software and the material the difficult problem which encounters

    in the gauging arrives. Measuring. Plants the object electricity

    impedance this non-destructiveness the gauging method to apply

    the fruit quality determination and in other organism internality

    archery target monitor technology.

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    The purpose of this text is mainly that the quantity of setting up the non- destructive resistance of plant body and resisting examines the method , regard apple as test object carry on their resistance person who resists characteristic is it is it verify plant body resistance basic structure and feasibility that examine of resisting etc. to come to examine. Regard computer line digit oscillograph as main quantity and examine tools at present, hope to overcome the difficult problem of using LabVIEW software and materials to pick and fetch blocking in quantity is examined and meet at present in the future. Examine. The quantity of resisting this non- destructive resistance of plant body examines the method to apply to the monitoring technology of fruit quality judging and inherent nature of its his organism.

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